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If you’re new to the coffee world, you might be wondering if there’s such a thing as the strongest coffee in the world.

As it turns out, there is such a thing as the strongest coffee in the world.

This article will discuss what it is and how you can also find your own personal favorite to beat the rest.

It’s not just about caffeine though, variety is important too!

I get it that you may not be too familiar with the variety of coffee beans out there, so I’m going to add some quick definitions at the beginning.

And I’ll then explain what makes a bean the strongest coffee in the world, which brands sell the strongest coffee in the world and much more…

Let’s get started.

The Strongest Coffee In The World – What Are The Varieties of Coffee Beans?

The coffee beans that we’re going to discuss in this article can be classified into two main types: Robusta and Arabica.

Robusta beans come from the robusta plant while Arabica beans come from the Arabica plant.

Arabica is usually sweeter and has a more subtle aroma, while robusta has a lower acidity and a stronger, harsher flavor.

The two plants also differ in their caffeine content.

Arabica beans have a caffeine content of between 1% and 1.5%, while the Robusta beans have a caffeine content of between 2% and 3%.

This is what you can use to your advantage when you’re looking for the strongest coffee in the world…


The Arabica bean has much smaller beans than the Robusta bean. It also tends to be grown at higher elevations.

This makes it expensive to grow and harvest, but ultimately leads to a better flavor in the coffee bean itself. And that leads us to the strongest coffee in the world.


The Robusta plant is usually grown at lower elevations (meaning it can be grown quickly and inexpensively).

The beans are also larger than the Arabica bean, which means that after roasting, they can produce more coffee per acre of plant.

This is the reason that Robusta coffee beans are usually cheaper compared to many Arabica beans.

The downside, however, is that it is a harsher flavor and contains more caffeine per volume of liquid.

While the caffeine content between the two varieties is similar, there’s a secret to how you can make your own personal cup of coffee stronger. Let me explain…

What Makes A Coffee Bean The Strongest In The World?

There are a few things that you need to focus on when you’re choosing which brand is going to be the strongest coffee in the world.

First, you need to know that the caffeine content is not the most important factor when it comes to deciding which coffee beans are the strongest in the world.

The most important factor is actually the flavor.

Robusta coffee has a much stronger flavor than Arabica coffee, which means that you need to make sure that you’re getting a good match with your favorite water.

Imagine if you were drinking wine and your favorite brand was Robusta instead of Arabica or vice versa. You’d have a very unpleasant experience!

So the best way to do this is by using different brands of coffee beans in separate cups of hot water where you can also switch back and forth between both brands so that you can taste each one separately.

I like to use a French Press for this because the coffee stays warm long enough for me to be able to taste it properly.

You can also use a coffee maker if you don’t want to go manual.

The other thing that you need to know about the strongest coffee in the world is that there are seasonal factors involved.

This means that you need to know when the harvest takes place and what countries grow them, then consider how much demand there is for that particular product during that time period.

Generally speaking, Robusta beans are used during the winter months since consumers tend to buy them more.

Arabica beans are usually used during the winter because that’s when they grow at a higher elevation and can then be harvested more easily.

What Is The World’s Strongest Coffee Caffeine Content?

I will give you the caffeine content in each of the brands I’m about to detail but just so you get an idea, the world’s strongest coffee contains:

  • 1500+mg of caffeine for 1 and a half cup of coffee.

If you’re new in coffee, this dosage might not shake you like I’m sure it does for others.

But to be honest, I wouldn’t even use the word ‘strength’ when talking about the caffeine content.

It’s way too strong; you’d need to be a brutal addict to be able to drink 1 and a half cup of coffee that has that much caffeine in it!

Ingesting that much caffeine over an extended period of time will really put you into a coma!

And I’m not saying that it’s not possible to do, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

Ok now let me share with you a list of the strongest coffee in the world and their caffeine content.

1. Devil Mountain Black Label Dark Roast Ground Coffee

The caffeine content in the strongest coffee in the world is 1500+mg for 1 and half cup of coffee.

A few months ago, I tasted the strongest coffee in the world and honestly, I won’t have it again LOL

The taste was an OMG moment but I felt like my ears were on fire, I had the shakes and I was just on cloud 9.

My friend thought I was possessed!

Anyways, the reason I won’t be drinking this coffee again.

The taste was not bitter at all but it definitely was too strong for me.

This is basically your basic ground coffee from Devil Mountain Coffee Company that you can find in any average grocery store.

They have a variety but this one is their strongest blend.

Devil Mountain’s highest caffeine content per serving size of all their blends, making it the strongest coffee in the world as well as some of the best tasting dark roast on this list.

So getting back to the strongest coffee in the world, this is definitely at the top of my list because it has a high caffeine content of 1500 + mg for 1 and a half cup.

Anyways, the brand is called Devil Mountain and they make the strongest coffee in the world with a staggering amount of caffeine content.

It’s not for everyone but it is the strongest coffee in the world…but honestly, I don’t recommend it at all until you’re a pro!

But if you are, go for it! It’s got a good deal of caffeine in it!

2. Biohazard Ground Coffee

Labeled as the strongest coffee in the world, this particular coffee is made from Robusta beans and contains 928mg of caffeine for one cup of coffee.

Do you know what 928mg of coffee can do to you in the morning? It’s literally getting an electric shock in your mouth…

Of course, not everyone will feel that way because you might be a stronger addict than me.

You’re used to that standard dosage of caffeine and you can go and drink 928mg and not even flinch.

Anyways, I had this coffee twice and each time, I did get a little amped up and almost had a seizure lol…

But I could barely get over 500mg of caffeine since it was pretty strong and left an ounce of bitterness in my tongue, unlike The Devil Mountain and Death Wish.

I won’t say the taste was bad but I felt that bitterness from afar and mixed with super strong caffeine content in the cup, I guess that’s the reason I couldn’t finish my cup of coffee.

Anyways, the difference is that the caffeine content in this coffee is over 928mg per serving size. So the dosage is really high for one cup of coffee.

Not everyone will enjoy drinking this, but for those who do, it’s super strong because it’s a really intense coffee!

In addition, they have a variety of blends from decaffeinated to dark roasts to flavored coffees that will suit your taste buds well!

So if you’re a coffee lover who loves the taste of coffee and the caffeine rush, then Biohazard is the coffee you need in your life. If you love dark roast coffee, then this is definitely for you.

Frankly, I didn’t get a superwoman power boost but yeah I had a little kick though from The Biohazard Ground Coffee.

3. Death Wish Ground Coffee

Quite a big difference in caffeine content between number 2 and number 3…number 2 has 928mg and number 3 has 728mg for one and a half cup of coffee.

When I tasted the Death Wish Dark Roast Coffee, also labeled as the strongest coffee in the world, I feel no particular jolt in my body.

I really enjoyed the flavor of the coffee and it had a robust taste to it.

I thought that Death Wish was another coffee just like the other ones on this list but I was wrong!

It’s not just another dark roast with a high caffeine content that is common in grocery stores.

This coffee is brewed from Robusta and Arabica beans which are two beans that can make the strongest coffee in the world.

If you want pure caffeine, this is your coffee.

I personally enjoyed drinking Death Wish Dark Roast because I got a huge dose of caffeine and the taste was really rich and flavorful. I would definitely drink it again!

It was as strong as Biohazard Coffee and didn’t have that bitterness that comes with super strong caffeine content, so I really enjoyed this!

The flavor profile of Death Wish Dark Roast is a subtle cherry and chocolate flavor.

It was a really nice blend and I will proudly recommend it to any coffee lover looking for a strong blend.

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A Few More Brands That Claim To Be The Strongest Coffee In The World

Get this clear please: I’m not saying that only the 3 brands I’ve mentioned are the strongest coffee in the world but they are the ones I have personally tasted.

I know there are other brands that have higher caffeine content than the ones I’ve listed here.

So, here are a few more brands that claim to produce the strongest coffee in the world:

  1. Black Insomnia Whole Bean Coffee
  2. Very Strong Coffee
  3. The Red Goat Ground Coffee Beans

Quick Tips About Drinking The Strongest Coffee In The World

  1. Don’t add milk or cream to your coffee. This makes the coffee taste less strong and you’ll get a better kick from it.

2. Don’t add sugar to your coffee. Sugar will make the strongest coffee in the world taste really sweet and defeat its purpose since it’s already really sweet to begin with.

3. Make sure that you drink a lot of water before, during and after drinking the strongest coffee in the world.

Caffeine is a diuretic so definitely drink a lot of water after drinking it to stay hydrated!

4. Don’t drink it too late in the day.

If you’re going to drink the strongest coffee in the world, do it first thing in the morning and not too late in the afternoon!

This is because coffee can interfere with your sleep and that’s definitely no good.

5. If you’re not a regular coffee drinker and looking to try to strongest coffee in the world, start off with a small serving size of one to two tablespoons.

That way, you can gauge how strong you can handle this blend.

6. Do not mix the strongest coffee in the world with energy drinks or sugar-filled beverages.

It’s really potent already so you don’t need to do that!

7. Stay hydrated throughout the day to avoid any unwanted side effects of drinking too much strong coffee.

8. Take care of your teeth since dark roast coffees can stain your tooth enamel if you’re not careful.

Strongest Coffee In The World Vs Regular Coffee

With that being said, which coffee is better?

Well, the answer depends on the person because I’m sure all of you have your preferences when it comes to taste and strength.

Personally, I like the taste of these brands above but I prefer my “regular” strong coffee.

I love strong coffee but the “normal strong”. Not one that will make me have a cardiac arrest.

But if you want to try something stronger than the regular coffee, go for it!

Just make sure to take things slow and steady with this powerful caffeine blend.

Final Thoughts on The Strongest Coffee In The World

So what do you think about the brands I’ve mentioned? Do you have a strong preference?

I personally enjoyed Devil Mountain Coffee most but man, that was a bit too much to handle for me.

I enjoyed Biohazard Ground Coffee a lot and I would definitely go for a cup of it again.

How about Death Wish Coffee? Well, I enjoyed that too and it was good, even though I bet there are better.

But hey, who knows, maybe you’ll like the taste of those brands more than me…in which case you can buy those as well as try different blends from those coffee brands!

The truth is that all those brands really have a high caffeine content that can affect some people’s health more than others.

But if you have a strong caffeine addiction, then go for it!

It can be super fun if you know what you’re doing!

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