Best Antique Coffee Grinder You Can Buy Today

antique coffee grinder

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No matter if you’re a devout cafephile or a seasoned brewer, an antique coffee grinder will lend the missing authenticity to your kitchen.

Sure we have the modern, electric-powered grinders, but they are no match against the grinding experience of a muscle-driven machine. 

Their high values and ability to make perfect coffee fascinates the collectors and enthusiasts of antique coffee grinders. Besides, they can be fun to collect if you grow that as a hobby.

No wonder antique coffee grinders are gaining more and more traction on social media platforms such as Facebook and TikTok these days. We put together this guide so you won’t miss out on the latest trends. 

What to Look for In An Antique Coffee Grinder? 

Coffee grinders are almost as if they live. Each has its unique parts and characteristics. Here we summarise some of the characteristics to look for in an antique coffee grinder.

Iron Material

The essential part of any coffee grinder is its frame. Iron frames are recommended because of their strength. Besides this, even better are the cast iron grinders which are almost the industry standard now.

Wall-Mounted Antique Coffee Grinder

Wall-mounted grinders have the added benefit of saving space. On top of that, they are also fixed, so they don’t require holding down for them to work, as may be the case for some non-mounted grinders. 

Double Wheel Antique Coffee Grinder

Double wheel antique coffee grinders have precise dual wheels. They have two wheels to give the machine an asymmetrical look instead of one large wheel on the crank side.

The extra wheel doesn’t do anything new for the machine but the symmetry it adds is one of the reasons for its popularity.


The capacity is one of the most important things to consider while buying a coffee grinder. If you make few cups at a time, a smaller capacity should suffice, but if you like to brew in larger batches, having a small capacity grinder can be your new nightmare.

Therefore, consider the capacity of the grinder before hitting the purchase button. 

Size of The Grinder

When it comes to the size, it includes the storage space required when the grinder is not functioning or functioning. You don’t want the grinder to be the most dominant thing in your kitchen.

You want it to complement the overall style of your kitchen. Choosing the right size will be a good choice. 

8 Antique Coffee Grinders You Can Choose From

Now that you know what makes a good antique coffee grinder, you can go ahead and choose yours from the list we have given below. Just remember, pick whatever suits you as these are unique in their own way. 

GCG9310 Manual Coffee Grinder – Gourmia

Gourmia engineers are cooking tools for a healthy lifestyle. They take regular feedback from chefs and consumers to ensure whether their products perform the best or not.

Features of GCG9310 Manual Coffee Grinder

  • Grind nuts, spices, and even herbs along with coffee
  • Grind collects in an easily accessible drawer right under it
  • Adjustable cog nut to switch between fine and coarse grind
  • Works with a french press, espresso makers, and coffee makers out of the box
  • The vintage design carved out of gorgeous pinewood

Pros and Cons of GCG9310 Manual Coffee Grinder


  • Large grinding capacity
  • Strong ceramic and iron base for durability
  • Portable because of its compact size
  • Small handle radius for easy crank rotation


  • Plastic grinding parts
  • Grindstone installation instructions are limited

The GCG9310 by Gourmia is a great entry-level option for those who’re looking to enter this niche. It’s lightweight and easy to use, making it an ideal choice for children and the whole family.

Gourmia Antique Coffee Grinder

Turkish Style Coffee Mill – Crystalia

Crystalia specializes in manufacturing premium glass and kitchenware. The company is based in California and follows a strict European manufacturing guidelines..

Features of Turkish Style Coffee Mill

  • Compact design, the handle can fold in itself after the grinding job is done
  • Adjustable grind level to get the best results
  • Has a metallic grind burr that ensures perfect grind each time
  • Easy to disassemble and clean
  • Beautiful Turkish design

Pros and Cons of Turkish Style Coffee Mill


  • Extremely fine grind supported
  • Very little noise while grinding
  • Takes up little storage space
  • Tough build quality


  • Heavy for travel
  • Requires more cranks for little grind  

Turkish style coffee mill by Crystalia is the perfect package for both beginner and advanced baristas. It’s built with European guidelines in mind and will indeed have your guests enquiring about it!

antique coffee grinder for coffee lovers

Peugeot Antique Coffee Mill

Peugeot is known for its perfectly crafted mills. They specialize in all sorts of mills, from salts and peppers to coffee. They are based in France and offer services in more than fifty countries.

Features of Peugeot Antique Coffee Mill

  • The collection drawer has a capacity of half a cup
  • Adjustable burr for the desired texture
  • Stainless steel mechanism to avoid corrosion
  • Grinds fine enough to make espresso
  • Made of PEFC certified beech wood

Pros and Cons of Peugeot Antique Coffee Mill


  • Consistent grinding system
  • Durable build quality
  • Beautiful design
  • Prepares a uniform grind each time


  • Small drawer size
  • Bit noisier when grinding

Peugeot’s Antique Coffee Mill is the perfect choice for small batches. Owing to its smaller form factor, larger sets will require extra time and effort.

Peugeot Antique Coffee Grinder for Coffee Lovers

Manual Coffee Grinder – Cozhyess

Cozhyess produces a variety of products ranging from kitchenware to general household utilities. Their work is precise and satisfactory.

Features of Manual Coffee Grinder

  • Three different adjustable modes
  • Extremely easy to operate, simply drop the beans and crank
  • Ergonomic shape for easier workflow in the kitchen
  • Small size takes less space
  • Sturdy build for lasting performance

Pros and Cons of  Manual Coffee Grinder


  • Grinding built-in modes 
  • Great size even for small apartments
  • Portable because of its compact size
  • Small handle radius for easy crank rotation


  • Can’t be fixed to the tabletop
  • Lubrication is required frequently

This particular coffee mill is ideal for bachelors or students. It’s one of the best options for coffee enthusiasts who wish to grind their coffee themselves.

Manual Antique Coffee Grinder for Coffee Lovers

Moon-1 Manual Coffee Grinder 

moon-1 specializes in making coffee grinders. Their products are durable, sturdy, and they keep performing for long periods. moon-1 prides itself on being one of the more competitive grinder manufacturers out there.

Features of  moon-1 Manual Coffee Grinder

  • Conical burr mill
  • Spice hand grinding machine
  • Hand crank roller driver
  • Crushes herbs, nuts, spices, and more
  • Get a perfect coarse or fine finish

Pros and Cons of moon-1 Manual Coffee Grinder


  • Convenient catch drawer
  • Cast iron coffee grinder
  • Functions as an attractive display
  • Works with french press and drip brewers


  • Spreads foul coffee smell 
  • Coffee bean oil has to be regularly cleaned out

A manual coffee grinder by moon-1 is an excellent choice for couples or small families. It can be fixed to the kitchen top or tabletop that makes it a complete set in place for easier grinding.

Moon 1 Manual Antique Coffee Grinder for Coffee Lovers

IMAVO Vintage Style Manual Coffee Grinder

IMAVO manufactures a wide variety of products, from soap dispensers to coffee grinders. In all their products, customer satisfaction is high because of the incredible amount of research involved.

Features of IMAVO Vintage Style Manual Coffee Grinder

  • Built of high-quality pine wood
  • Ceramic core and cast iron grinder
  • Pure wooden bottom to avoid the metallic smell
  • Grinds herbs, nuts, spices, and gourmet
  • Easy manual operation

Pros and Cons of IMAVO Vintage Style Manual Coffee Grinder


  • Easily washable
  • Avoids raw heat
  • Few turns for a complete grind
  • Fineness adjustments available


  • Noisy when running
  • Tends to waste coffee when grinding

This manual coffee grinder is best suited for those who face difficulties in the horizontal crank systems. This particular grinder has a vertical roller handle on the crank.

Imavo Vintage Antique Coffee Grinder

NAVND Manual Coffee Grinder

NAVND aims to create solutions that make life easier. That’s why they come up with unique solutions. 

Features of NAVND Manual Coffee Grinder

  • Box structure made of pure logs
  • Classic retro design
  • Ceramic grinding core
  • Suitable for home decoration
  • Easy to clean

Pros and Cons of NAVND Manual Coffee Grinder


  • Avoids grinding heat
  • Metal doesn’t affect flavour
  • Made of cast iron
  • Hand polished body


  • Main crank made of plastic
  • Tiny size

This manual grinder is good if we’re getting started with manual grinders. It comes with a few essential tools like a brush, a spoon, and a coffee flannel. These tools help us get started quickly.

Manual Antique Coffee Grinder for Coffee Lovers

DDSKY Manual Coffee Grinder 

DDSKY creates fine coffee grinders for the average folk. All of their products are well thought out and just work. They keep their feedback up to date to make sure the products are satisfactory.

Features of DDSKY Manual Coffee Grinder

  • Can grind nuts, spices, and even herbs along with coffee
  • Has a delicate shape
  • Up to three adjustable modes
  • Works with a french press, espresso makers, and coffee makers out of the box
  • Metal-based grinders for long life

Pros and Cons of DDSKY Manual Coffee Grinder


  • Cherry wood finish
  • Strong ceramic and iron base for durability
  • Portable because of its compact size
  • Small handle radius for easy crank rotation


  • Small size
  • Crank feels a bit sloppy

The grinder has a small drawer, which makes it mainly decorative rather than functional. We will need multiple drawers unless it’s a single cup of coffee.

Antique Coffee Grinder For Coffee Lovers

Best Antique Coffee Grinder to Bring Home

So far, we’ve looked at some of the more popular antique coffee grinders available in the market. Here we present our choice of the two best grinders that we think are the most bang for the buck. 

The Manual Coffee Grinder by Gourmia is the top choice. It’s the best overall grinder with the most comprehensive set of features. 

For our second choice, we go with the Turkish Style Coffee Mill by Crystalia. The grinder has a unique charm with its Turkish exterior and works exactly as expected.

The grind is perfect, no friction in cranking, and overall, it’s just an excellent and solid product. 

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