how long does cold brew last

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If you’re looking for a direct answer about how long does cold brew last, this is your post.

I’m sure that as a new coffee lover, you still have some questions about “does cold brew go bad in fridge”, “can you store cold brew at room temperature”, “best container to store cold brew coffee” etc…

Well, you’re in luck to have me as your guide today!

Let me give you some answers about how long does cold brew last, how to store cold brew coffee and what are the best containers to store cold brew coffee.

How Long Does Cold Brew Last (In The Fridge)

Typically, cold brew coffee can be stored for 3 days, two weeks, 1 month and even up to 6 months?

But the question is will your brew still be fresh after that time frame?

In most cases, probably not.

The general rule of thumb is that cold brew coffee gets less acidic and sour in a warmer environment.

There is one problem with storing cold brew: like any other beverage or food, it will start to lose its flavor after sitting in the fridge or in the freezer after a few days.

From my personal experience, I will say that the maximum you can store your cold brew and still get a good sip of its original flavor is up to 3 days, not more.

How To Store Cold Brew Coffee At Home? Top 3 Ways

1. Immediate Refrigeration (The Recommended Method)

As soon as you’ve finished preparing your cold brew, transfer it to an airtight container.

Then put the whole thing in your refrigerator for future enjoyment.

Immediate refrigeration is what will slow down the deterioration of the cold brew.

So, you better have something already available for storing your cold brew.

2. Room Temperature Storage (The Short Term Method)

Another option for storing cold brew coffee is letting the cold brew sit out at room temperature for a short time.

You can then transfer it to the refrigerator or freezer for short-term storage.

The downside with this method is that the cold brew will lose its flavor very quickly.

So, if you want to get a quick sip of cold brew, then this method is not for you.

If you’re going to store your cold brew overnight, then make sure that the container or jar that you use is airtight and never locked.

This way, when it’s time for your cold brew to be enjoyed again, it will be ready in the morning.

3. The Long-Term But Nasty Method

One thing you should know is that experienced coffee drinkers never store their coffee, never!

At the forefront of coffee addition is taste!

The one thing that we can decipher from a light roast, a dark roast, a super strong espresso, a macchiato or cappuccino is nothing but the taste.

Since this element is so crucial, I will never attempt to freeze a cold brew.

Yet it’s what I’m recommending in this article…can’t believe it!

But I understand you’re a beginner and one thing I won’t let you do and won’t ask you to do is to throw away coffee, even if it’s not fresh anymore.

So, the 3rd method is freezing the cold-brewed coffee.

But, before you do so, remember that cold brew should be stored in the freezer for no more than 1 month.

I know I know, there are blogs that claim that cold brew can be stored up to 6 months in the freezer.

It’s true you can do it but after that length of time, you’ll taste nothing but watered-down coffee.

Best Containers To Store Cold Brew Coffee

1. Mason Jars (The Classic Way)

If you want to store your cold brew for an extended period of time, the best thing you can do is to look for mason jars.

These are made out of pottery and are known to have a longer shelf life.

You can make the most out of these jars if you buy a high-quality, ergonomic, durable and easy to clean mason jars.

2. Stainless Steel Bottles (The Durable Way)

Out of all the containers that you can use, stainless steel bottles are said to be the best.

Since they’re resistant to rusting and corrosion, these containers are airtight and will protect your cold brew from air exposure.

3. Glass Bottle (The Stylish Way)

Another one of the best containers to store cold brew coffee is a glass bottle.

If you’ve been looking around for a stylish way of storing your cold brew, get a glass bottle.

This way, your coffee will remain fresh while still having that beautiful look on your refrigerator shelf or countertop.

Ideally you should use a glass bottle so that it’s lighter in weight.

Although they are heavier, glass bottles are ideal for storing cold brew since they will keep the temperature very constant so that your cold brew doesn’t go stale too quickly.

If you’re using a glass bottle with a lid, remember to put the cap on very tightly.

4. Plastic Bottle (The Practical Way)

Some of you will want to store your cold brew in plastic bottles.

If that’s the case, then you will need to go for a bottle that has an airtight cap.

The reason why plastic bottles are not good for storing cold brew is because they’re not airtight and they let off extra oxygen which makes your cold brew go bad.

So it’s best to put your cold brew in a glass bottle instead of a plastic one.

Final Thoughts

If you’re a first timer, then good for you. Cold brew will give you a great start at making coffee.

Now that you have know the answer to how long does cold brew last and the methods that exist to keep them a little longer, go ahead and enjoy your cold brew!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Cold Brew Need To Be Refrigerated?

Like any other kind of beverage, cold brew should be refrigerated to stay fresh.

You don’t want your homemade cold brew to taste sour and bitter after a few hours of sitting on your countertop.

So yes, it’s advisable that you put it in your fridge.

Should You Put Cold Brew In The Freezer?

Although I suggest you put your cold brew in your freezer after the initial 3 days in the fridge, there is one big problem I have with this: freezing cold brew changes its taste!

Yes, it changes the flavor of the coffee on a drastic level. Basically, it will become cold brewed coffee without cold brew flavor and that’s not good, right?

Can You Freeze Cold Brew Coffee?

So after reading a couple of blogs, a lot of drinkers decided to put their cold brew in the freezer.

However, I don’t see it as a good idea.

When you freeze cold brew, you’re making it impossible for the coffee particles to keep the cold.

If you still want to put your cold brew in the freezer, then do it for no more than one month.

Storing Cold Brew Coffee – In Fridge or Room Temperature?

When you want to store cold-brewed coffee, there is a big debate on whether or not it should be stored in the fridge or at room temperature. Let’s dive into the facts and come up with a final verdict.

Should Cold Brew Be Stored In The Fridge?

Yes! Cold brew should always be kept in the fridge.

As I’ve mentioned, the cold brew will sour after a few hours in the open. This is why it’s best to put them in your refrigerator.

Should Cold Brew Be Kept At Room Temperature?

No! Cold brew should never be kept at room temperature.

If you’re going to drink your cold brew for breakfast, then go ahead and store it on the countertop.

But that’s all you can do with it because if you leave it out for a couple of hours, then it will start going sour and bitter.

What’s The Best Way To Keep Cold Brew?

In my opinion, the best way to keep your cold brew is storing it in a mason jar or a glass bottle.

Both of these containers will make it possible for you to enjoy your cold brew for a long time.

Also, mason jars and glass bottles are airtight so your cold brew won’t go stale as fast as other containers.

Mason jars and glass bottles are also lighter in weight so you won’t have any unnecessary stress carrying them from one place to another.

How To Keep Cold Brew Coffee Fresh?

The best way to keep your cold brew coffee fresh is by keeping it in the fridge.

If you’re really serious about keeping it fresh, then that’s the only option you have.

Simply put your cold brew in an airtight container and put it inside your refrigerator.

And if you plan on drinking them every morning, then I suggest you pour a little bit and keep the rest inside the fridge.

I know, it’s kind of a hassle but this is the best way to keep your cold brew fresh.

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