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keurig iced coffee

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Did you say Keurig iced coffee?

If you’re new to the Keurig system or just want a fresh new iced coffee experience, you might be intimated to try a cold brew.

But this doesn’t have to be overwhelming since I will guide you all the way until you get a perfect cup of iced coffee.

This guide will cover the making of your first batch of iced coffees and thereafter, you will feel like you’ve been doing this for years.

Ready, get set, go!

Brief Background on Iced Coffee

Brewing coffee at home is not new.

For many years, people have been using cold brew coffee brewing methods, to produce a stronger taste of coffee.

This includes cold-brewed coffee, concentrated iced coffees, and even pour-over cold brews used by the barista at the cafe.

Cold brewing is an easy way to make iced coffees.

Cold brewing does not require any additional equipment other than your coffee machine and only needs your time (and a bit of patience) to get a cup of cold coffee.

The Process of Cold Brewing

The cold-brew method uses coarsely ground coffee and lets it steep in cool or cold water, for at least 12 hours or more, and the result is a strong and full-bodied brew.

Iced coffee is brewed by pouring hot or boiling water into ground coffee beans.

The brewed coffee is then chilled before serving with some add-ons like ice, milk or creamer.

However, the best iced coffee is made using the cold brew method explained below.

What Is A Cold Brew?

For iced coffee, it’s always best to make from a cold brew.

Cold brew is a more concentrated coffee that uses a longer brewing time.

When I have time, I usually let my coffee cool down for about 6-12 hours, overnight.
As a result, it has more concentration and less acidity.

That’s why it is perfect for iced coffee!

It is a simple process that requires patience and time to brew a perfect cup of iced coffee.

​Here’s the catch: it is pretty hard to make a good cold brew from an inexpensive coffee maker.

In order to make an excellent cup, you need to pay attention to the details because the quality of your ingredients greatly affects the outcome of your final product.

How To Make Iced Coffee With Your Keurig Iced Coffee Machine

Ok! Now that you have a brief background on iced coffee, let’s begin.

First, you will your ingredients listed below:

  • Mug
  • Mason Jar with Straw or Travel Mug
  • Water
  • Almond or Any Milk of Your Choice
  • Your Favorite Creamer
  • Ice
  • Coffee Grounds
  • Reusable K-Cup or Regular K-Cup
  • Sugar (Optional)

Now let’s get to the most exciting part: the brew!

Turn On Your Keurig

The first basic thing to do is to add your water (enough water) in your Keurig and just turn it on and wait for it to heat up.

Grind Your Coffee

Okay, this might be the most difficult part of your iced coffee but I’m sure you can do it!

After turning on the Keurig, now you need to grind your coffee grounds so they are coarsely ground.

The measure of the amount of grounds will be dependent on how strong you want your iced coffee to be.

The coarseness of the grind is important when you are using a regular K-Cup since the water will have to go through the coffee grounds in order to extract the flavor.

If you don’t want to grind your own beans, you can still use the ground coffee that you purchased for this purpose.

Please get some high-quality ground coffee for your Keurig iced coffee.

You don’t want a grind that is too fine and you don’t want a grind that is too coarse; your coffee grounds will end up with a conglomerate texture.

This conglomerate texture will affect the taste of the brewed coffee and it can make it harsher or make it bitter.

You want to find a medium-fine ratio of ground coffee.

Using Your Keurig Iced Coffee Maker

With your K-Cup in hand, insert it into the top of the machine and put some grounds in there.

You can add your coffee grounds first and then put the Reusable K-Cup afterwards. It doesn’t really matter!

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Brew Your Coffee

Wait for your Keurig to be ready, choose the size of your coffee cup and let it brew.

I prefer to choose the smallest size for maximum brew strength.

Let It Cool Down

Once brewing is done, remove the K-Cup from your brew holder, rinse it out or wash it with warm water.

Of course, you’ll have to let the coffee brew cool down.

You are now ready to make your iced coffee!

Ice! Ice! Ice!

After you’ve brewed your coffee, let it cool for a few minutes before adding ice to it.

You can also add some hot water to the brewed coffee if you want a warm/cool coffee effect.

This is completely up to you. But wait, aren’t you here for ICED coffee?

With that in mind, choose your preferred travel mug, mason jar or whatever type of coffee holder and just toss the ice cubes in there.

  • Pour your cold coffee onto the ice cubes
  • Pour over your almond milk or the milk of your choice
  • Pour your favorite creamer
  • Mix everything up
  • Voila! You now have a simple Keurig iced coffee.

A Few Tips To Make The Perfect Keurig Iced Coffee

I highly recommend using cold brew for your Keurig iced coffee. Basically, cold brew is a slow and low-temperature way to extract all the coffee flavor from your ground coffee.

You can just wait for around 12-18 hours to see the magic of making the perfect iced coffee or you can be impatient and wait an hour or 2 and get a not-so-perfect Keurig iced coffee.

Your choice!

Buy a reusable K-Cup if you want to make more than 1 cup of coffee (If you don’t have one, go buy it!).

It’s easier and cheaper in the long run.

You can make iced coffee in any size of cup but for best results, choose the smallest size since it will brew a concentrated iced coffee that is strong in taste and not watered down.

Use high-quality or pure ground coffee for this recipe.

Buy one that is certified 100% Arabica beans, and you’ll get a milder, smoother taste.

Check out a list of the best coffee beans for cold brew.

If you don’t have time to grind it on your own, buy some pre-ground coffee that you can just add to your Keurig, but make sure it’s high-quality.

Use good quality almond milk or any other type of milk of your choice. It will taste better and richer.

The Best Keurig Coffee Maker for Iced Coffee

It’s no questioning that to get a perfect iced coffee, you need a good Keurig machine.

There already are several Keurig iced coffee makers in the market but I only have the utmost respect for the two Keurig models that made iced coffee their specialty:

Keurig K-Elite Coffee Maker

This is a great choice for iced coffees with its strength and power.

It boasts of brew strength options from 4oz to 12oz of your favorite beverage.

This is best for iced coffee since it has an adjustable temperature control that can be set anywhere between 176°F to 192°F.

This machine also has 5 brew sizes, so you’re covered whatever the occasion.

It’s also compatible with the My K-Cup Universal Reusable Coffee Filter. So, that means if you want to brew your own coffee, you’re good to go. After all, coffee lovers brew their own coffee uh?!

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Keurig Iced Coffee – Best Coffee For Cold Brew

So, you put your hands on the best Keurig coffee maker for iced coffee, now what?

You obviously need the best coffee beans for cold brew.

I have compiled a list of the 10 best coffee for cold brew. I hope this will help you decide on which ones you will get so that you improve your iced coffee over time.

Remember that the coffee beans and the brewing method are the two top factors for the perfect Keurig Iced Coffee.

Check the article about the best coffee for cold brew here.

Final Thoughts on Keurig Iced Coffee

A Keurig iced coffee is a great treat to enjoy during the hot summer days.

Whether you’re at home or at your office, it’s a very convenient way to drink your favorite coffee/tea at any given time.

The takeaway here is that you don’t have to pour cold water into your hot brewed coffee.

You don’t have to add ice cubes and stir until you get a slushy texture. With this easy guide, you can be enjoying your cold brew in no time.

You should note that the perfect K-Cup for iced coffee is not that easy to find since there are many devices that claim they can make iced coffee.

But I believe if you follow these simple steps, you should be able to get it right away!

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