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Do you want to know what peaberry coffee really is?

As a newcomer to the coffee club, it’s important that you know not only what type of beans you need, but also how to use them for an efficient espresso.

In this article, I’ll break down all the ins and outs of peaberry coffee beans so that you can feel confident about brewing your next cup to perfection!

What Is The Peaberry Coffee?

The peaberry coffee bean is a small, round bean that only contains one type of bean. This means that you will find it in your coffee beans, but never in the coffee grounds.

And this is important because the inside of the bean is much higher in caffeine than the normal beans. So if you like your coffee strong, don’t forget about peaberry!

The peaberry coffee bean which is on the inside of the coffee part contains more caffeine than any other beans found in regular coffee beans.

The average number of caffeinated coffee beans in a coffee bean is about 220, while for a peaberry, the number is 264.

The peaberry’s caffeine content also ranges from 42.5% to 45%. This means you can have up to two cups of regular coffee and still enjoy the benefits of one cup of the peaberry.

Peaberry coffee is a rare and expensive type of coffee bean because a large majority of the coffee beans contained in one piece of coffee will only have one bean.

As the name suggests, it’s a single bean that has been bred into a single fruit.

That means that not only are peaberry beans much more expensive than regular beans, but you can never get them from other types of beans.

It takes a special kind to get the fruit to produce this bean so there’s no need to worry about whether or not it’s truly for you!

In fact, the demand for peaberry coffee is so high that farmers have produced a crop to give you this type of unusual flavor.

And because it’s given that these beans are rare, they are more expensive to grow. But this isn’t the only benefit you can get from peaberry coffee!

Peaberry Coffee Benefits

Peaberry coffee is the most unique type of coffee on the market. And not only is it rarer, but it also has a lot of health benefits.

But first, let’s talk about how to use Peaberry coffee in your daily routine!

Of course, the first thing you’ll have to do before brewing is to buy some!

You can either buy yourself some peaberry beans or using ground peaberry powder available at most stores.

In fact, you might find the powder in a better price range than the beans because it’s more common to sell both products!

This is the perfect time to mention that Peaberry coffee is available in many varieties.

Just like any other type of coffee, you’re going to have a wide range of taste and smell which will determine your preference.

For example, if you’re a lover of fruity flavors, peaberry will be perfect for you.

In fact, some farmers describe Peaberry as having a sort of strawberry or chocolate scent making it the ideal flavor for lovers.

But if you don’t like fruity flavors…don’t worry! The peaberry coffee has something for everyone.

Don’t get me wrong, peaberry coffee is not an instant brew. You can prepare your cup of coffee exactly the same way as you would any other type of coffee.

The only difference is that in order to get the best flavors, you’re going to have to use freshly roasted beans in your peaberry coffee machine.

And when brewing Peaberry coffee, make sure you always roast it lightly because it’s got a strong body taste.

Peaberry Coffee Side Effects

So far, everything seems great with peaberry….right?

Well…that’s where you’re wrong! This bean has a dark side to it after all!

High levels of caffeine equal higher levels of antioxidants. And since peaberry beans are often more caffeinated than traditional beans, they’re more beneficial to your health.

But just because they have a lot of health benefits doesn’t mean they are completely healthy for you!

It’s true that these coffee beans have high levels of caffeine which means you won’t get enough sleep if you drink too much.

The caffeine will make your body stay awake until the effects wear off sometime in the morning. If you struggle with sleep, the last thing you want to do is to drink any type of coffee!

But at least peaberry coffee can keep you more awake for longer…and even give you better stamina.

Another side effect of peaberry coffee comes from its taste and smell which could be too overpowering for some people.

If you’re one of these people, it might be best to stick to your other coffee beans.

But if you still want to give it a try, don’t expect the drink to taste like anything other than coffee.

What Is So Special About The Peaberry Coffee Beans?

In terms of flavor, you’ll notice that the beans themselves aren’t that different from any other type of bean.

In fact, as a beginner, you might not even be able to pick it out! That’s where the peaberry effect comes.

Every time you go outside and inhale the scent of these beans, your body will respond by producing more adrenaline and release more energy.

This is all thanks to the caffeine in the beans which makes your body release more oxygen in the system.

In this way, think of Peaberry coffee as a health supplement rather than a coffee drink when you brew it!

But when you add it to your daily routine, you’ll have a better energy level all throughout the day!

But for me, I find that the peaberry coffee tends to be more aromatic than other types of coffee.

Even when I drink it without making it in my coffee machine, I’ll still notice the smell every time!

This is why I’ve always preferred to use peaberry in my everyday routine as I find there’s a slight difference compared to the smell of other types of coffee beans.

The smell itself makes me feel great!

While it’s true that there’s no huge difference in taste, it’s still possible to notice a bit more sweetness in your coffee.

I think this is because the beans are somewhat different from traditional beans.

In some cases, you might even be able to feel a slight crunch in the beans when they’re ground!

Peaberry vs Regular Coffee Bean

By now, you must have understood that the peaberry coffee is a specialty coffee.

Unlike regular coffee beans, it’s rounded instead of flat which results in a smaller bean. Because of the size, it has more antioxidants than other types of beans!

But there are some differences between peaberry and regular coffee that aren’t just in size!

While they might taste the same when brewed, they’re different when it comes down to growing them.

Peaberry coffee is grown differently than traditional beans because they’re smaller than the rest.

Therefore, they have to be planted at least 6 inches apart in order to get enough space for their growth.

They can also be planted up to 12 inches apart in order to get bigger peas in the future.

Speaking of growing…peaberry coffee is much more labor-intensive than other types of beans.

This is because they’re grown in a different manner which results in a much smaller yield.

While other beans can produce up to 50 peas per plant, peaberry can only produce about 200 grams or less! And that speaks just about growing these coffee beans.

So you might be wondering…why bother with peaberry at all if they’re so hard to grow?

Well, it’s because these types of coffee are both unique and highly sought after.

Many people have come to the conclusion that peaberry coffee is one of the most delicious types on the market!

If you take a look at what goes into growing this bean, it’s possible to see why it’s so expensive compared to other types of beans.

So…let’s take a look at the process!

How Peaberry Coffee Beans Are Grown

When you get down to it…growing peaberry is no different than growing any other kind of coffee.

But it does take a bit of planning and organization because of the space they require for their growth.

Here’s what goes into growing these beans:

Step 1: Planting the Seeds: First, you’re going to need to plant your seeds somewhere between April and July and then give them some time to develop. Just like planting any other type of bean, you’ll need to keep the soil moist constantly while constantly fertilizing it with manure or compost. You’ll also want to keep the beans hidden from sunlight for up to 16 hours per day in order to get the most out of them.

Step 2: Planting the Peas: Once the beans are growing, you can begin planting them on top of some bags. This is where the soil gets soaked and the beans begin growing. But make sure that no one’s walking on the fields while waiting for them to start growing. This will help prevent any bugs from getting inside too!

Step 3: Planting the Beans: When the pea plants are ready, you’ll need to start planting them into a bigger area of land. This is called the “nursery” and you’ll need to keep it moist at all times. So make sure your nursery’s soil is always moist and the seeds don’t dry out.

Step 4: Raising the Peas: Once you’ve planted enough beans into your nursery, you’ll need to give them a little time to grow. This is called “maturing” and it can take anywhere from 3 months to more than a year.

Step 5: Harvesting the Beans: When your beans have reached maturity, you can begin harvesting them. You’ll want to harvest them as soon as they start getting a little bigger because they tend to lose more of their flavor along with plants overall. Other types of beans can wait up to 3 months before harvesting them.

Step 6: Roasting the Beans: Once you’ve harvested the beans, they’ll need to be roasted. If they’re not roasted, they’ll have a very strong coffee scent that’s very unpleasant smelling. Once they’re roasted, they’ll take on a clearer brown color with a hint of gold inside it.

Step 7: Bagging the Beans: Once the beans are roasted, they need to be bagged immediately in order to give them some time for cooling down. This is because they’re too hot to touch at this stage so you’ll need to keep them in a cooler until they cool down.

And here’s the almost complete process…

Why Peaberry Coffee Taste Better Than Other Types of Coffee Beans?

I’ll admit…I don’t think it really tastes much better than other types…but I’ve seen claims that peas taste much sweeter than other beans.

That’s why when I try it, I can notice a small bit of sweetness in my coffee.

Speaking of sweetness, if you’re looking for something even sweeter, you’re in luck!

Because the peaberry bean is less acidic than traditional beans, this results in a smoother tasting coffee that’s not very bitter.

Because of that, it’s very popular with many people who drink coffee for a relaxing effect!

So What Makes Peaberry Different From Other Coffee Beans?

At first glance, you’ll hardly notice any difference between peaberry and traditional beans.

But as I mentioned earlier, you might notice a bit of hard texture in your coffee grounds. This is because the bean itself is rounded instead of flat which creates a different taste.

If you grind your peaberry beans fine enough, you may even be able to feel them under your tongue as you sip on your cup of Joe!

Other than flavor and caffeine levels, peaberrys are a lot harder to grow. They take longer to mature and don’t produce as many beans as other types.

Therefore, growing these beans is more time-consuming and costly on top of being harder to harvest!

Because of that, you’re going to find that coffee made from these beans isn’t going to be cheap no matter where you get it from or what type of bean it is!

You might even find that the coffee shops that use this brand actually charge more for their coffees than others.

What Is Tanzania Peaberry Coffee?

Originating from Mbeya Region, Tanzania, this type of bean is grown in very specific areas at an altitude of 1200-2000 meters above sea level.

This has allowed the coffee to develop its distinct characteristics!

With the higher altitude, the coffee is able to naturally improve over time. This can give us something new and different on each cup of coffee!

You’ll also notice that this bean is grown with a specific type of fertilizer called Solagran.

This provides nutrients that allow the beans to grow at an optimal rate, stay fresh for longer, and help protect them against pathogens.

Eventually, this means that your beans are going to taste better than usual!

The Verdict On Peaberry Coffee Beans From Tanzania

I’ve only really tried it once, but I can tell you that I was impressed.

I wouldn’t say that I picked up on a lot of sweet notes, but I can say that the flavor was very strong.

It had a tiny bitter taste, but it was less acidic than other types! I’d definitely recommend trying it out for yourself!

The Kona Peaberry Coffee

It’s no surprise that I love peaberry, but…do you think I’d love them on my morning coffee too?!

If you’ve never tried Kona coffee, then you’re in for a real treat.

Kona coffee is made of Hawaii’s most popular type of bean called the Kona bean.

It’s also known as dark roast coffee, especially within the realm of specialty coffee shops.

This kind of beans is usually used in lattes and flat whites because it has a more bitter flavor than other types of beans.

Because of its rich, smooth flavor, many people claim that it’s the best tasting coffee in the world!

As you can imagine, it’s not cheap! Especially when you buy it online.

But don’t let that put you off trying Kona coffee because once you do, I’m sure you’ll love it as much as everyone else!

What Makes Kona Peaberry Coffee Beans Taste Better Than Other Types?

Also known as the Hawaiian peaberry coffee, Kona coffee is one of the two types of beans used to make this drink. The other type is called the Peaberry.

Yes, I know…I’m really not kidding you!

Peaberry coffee beans are usually only produced in Kona, Hawaii. They are different from normal beans because they contain a rounded rather than flat-sided bean!

This makes the flavor very unique and helps prevent over-roasting! But what makes them better than normal peaberry beans?

I’d say that because of how these beans are grown, they’re richer in nutrients.

They’re grown at an optimal altitude that’s close to the soil than other types which contributes to its rich taste.

You see, one of nature’s greatest gifts is fruit, vegetables, and nuts…and Kona coffee is no exception!

What’s more, the soil in Hawaii is very humus-rich which provides better nutrients, much like peaberry in Tanzania!

This is why it’s able to produce much sweeter beans than normal!

The Verdict On Kona Peaberry Coffee Beans From Hawaii

If you often read my articles, you’ll know that an avid drinker of strong coffee.

Well, I love the Kona peaberry! It’s just the right amount of bitterness for me.

You can even get a small hint of sweetness if you sip it slow enough. Don’t be fooled by its harsh flavor…it does have a sweet aftertaste!

What Kind of Coffee Can You Make With The Peaberry Coffee?

There are many types of coffee that you can make with these beans, but you have to be careful because they might not react the same way as regular beans.

You’re going to get a nice light roast flavor from your coffee brewed from this bean!

If you’re looking for a more intense flavor, then I’d recommend either getting a lighter roast or just using regular beans instead.

You’ll get a more intense flavor from regular beans!

It’s also worth mentioning that this bean is susceptible to over-roasting and will likely taste burnt if you boil it for too long!

You may find it difficult to make espresso with these beans too since they tend to dance around in the cup when extracted…so you’ll have to aim a little closer.

From a personal point of view, I find that the Tanzanian Peaberry Coffee from French Roast is perfect for an iced coffee or other cold brews.

The taste is really there with this one!

Final Thoughts on Peaberry Coffee

Coffee is awesome. The reason why it’s awesome is that it’s a really versatile drink!

You can make all kinds of awesome stuff from it…like coffee lattes, drip coffee, pot roast…even pickled pea’s!

Don’t let any of that put you off trying a few different types if that’s what you’re after. Even if the flavor doesn’t work for you, maybe you’ll discover another one that does.

There are so many different types out there!

In my opinion, I think peaberry coffee beans from Tanzania work the best when you want a good iced coffee from them. And from Hawaii, Kona is probably the best for cold brews!

Whatever you choose, I hope you enjoy them…

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