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Whether you suffer from acid reflux or you simply want to cut down on your caffeine intake, low-acid coffee is the perfect solution.

With these simple tips on how to reduce acidity levels in coffee, grabbing the best low acid coffee or acid-free coffee brands, your daily cup of joe should be much more enjoyable.

Without any further ado, let’s get started.

Does Coffee Have Acid?

Now, before I start, let’s clarify one thing: acid reflux isn’t caused by coffee itself.

Acid reflux is caused by the stomach’s inability to produce enough acid or overproduction of acid in the stomach.

Coffee falls into the overproduction category.

The protein in coffee results in higher levels of gastric acid in your stomach which can lead to a burning sensation in your chest and abdomen.

However, there are ways to reduce the acidity in coffee and make it safer for those who suffer from heartburn and/or GERD.

In fact, the acidity in coffee is present only in the brewed coffee and not in the beans.

So, you can reduce acidity levels in coffee by eliminating the most acidic portion, which is brewed coffee.

As a matter of fact, it’s the brewing process that releases acids into your coffee because the water is bound to the bean.

So, if you want to reduce heartburn or acidity in general, simply switch to instant coffee.

Keep in mind that there are still certain varieties of coffee that are more acidic than others.

And if you’re looking for the best low acid coffee brands, then you’re going to have to experiment with different options until you find one that’s right for your condition.

Now, let’s have a look at some of the most widely used ways to reduce acidity levels in coffee.

Things to Consider Before Buying Your Coffee

As someone who loves coffee but has an acid reflux condition, then it’s wise to check the acidity level of coffee before you purchase.

It’s particularly important for those who suffer from GERD or heartburn.

According to studies, about 20 percent of people who suffer from heartburn use antacids every day.

That’s why it’s so important to find out which varieties are low in acid before making the purchase.

Step 1: Read and Understand the Label and Ingredients

Before you start trying to buy something that will help your acid reflux, first you should understand what you’re buying.

Here are a few tips that will help you decipher what is inside your coffee.

First, look for the percentage of caffeine per serving.

The lower this number is, the less acid it contains as it can be as low as 0% but generally around 25% maximum.

Second, look at the mineral content. Coffee beans are considered acidic because of the high levels of magnesium and iron present in them.

Look for a brew that has zero or even negative mineral content to lower the acidity level of that cup.

Third, understand how your body reacts to caffeine.

If you don’t react well to caffeine, expect the acidity level to be high because it’s naturally present in coffee.

The same goes for caffeine withdrawal. If your body can’t handle sudden withdrawal, that coffee will be highly acidic.

Step 2: Choose Your Low Acid Coffee Beans Wisely

The next step is to understand where your coffee is coming from and how it was produced.

First, look at where your beans are grown.

The highest acidity level in coffee is produced in the tropics although most of it is grown in Central America and Africa.

The beans grown in these places are usually high-caffeine too so if you can’t handle caffeine, steer clear of these brands altogether.

Also, keep in mind that the higher the altitude of your beans, the higher their acidity levels are so you might want to consider opting for a brand from lower altitudes only.

Second, choose coffee that’s shade-grown or organically grown.

While it’s not as good for your health as shade-grown coffee, the lower acidity levels in this style of coffee make it perfect for those with acid reflux.

Third, look for natural flavorings and no chemical additives.

While there is no such thing as a “pure” product, this doesn’t mean you should never look for one.

If you are sensitive to some chemical additives like MSG or BHA, consider buying organic coffee or those that don’t contain these chemicals.

Speaking of toxins and chemical additives, talk to your doctor before you buy any brand because there are many harmful chemicals present in various brands of coffee.

Lastly, be choosy with the origins of your beans.

You may find your perfect coffee brand in the US but if it’s not shade-grown or organic, you’ll have to reconsider it.

Step 3: Learn How To Reduce Acidity In Your Coffee

For this section, I have a whole article with loads of tips and tricks you can apply when prepping your java that will reduce the acidity in your coffee.

==> Click here to read how do you make coffee less acidic

Step 4: Try Different Ways of Preparing Your Coffee

There are so many different ways to prepare coffee and each has its own benefits.

And since your body won’t be able to tolerate it the same way, you might want to try finding a better preparation style for your coffee.

The best low acid coffee for acid reflux is no doubt an Aeropress brew but there are other ways too.

Single-cup pods and ground coffees that aren’t presoaked or pre-dried can be great options too.

Here’s a quick comparison of some popular preparation styles:

  • Espresso

High-temperature extractions make this an ideal way of brewing if you’re looking for the highest caffeine content in your coffee.

However, the extraction time is short so do beware of over-extraction.

  • Percolator

Percolators are best for those who want their coffee to be smooth and rich in taste.

If you’re sensitive to acidic brews or if you like your coffee sweet, then this is the way to go.

However, this has its downsides as well – the longer exposure time allows more acidity to develop so if you want low acid coffee for acid reflux, avoid it.

  • Drip Coffee Maker

If you use a drip coffee maker, know that the factors that affect the taste of your brew include grind size, water temperature, and brew time.

Generally, the longer the brew time, the more acidity you’ll get.

  • Water Filter

Although this is not as common as other ways to prepare coffee, it’s one of the best ways to tone down and make your coffee less acidic.

You can use a water filter to remove the minerals and other impurities from your water which means you can still enjoy a tasty cup of coffee but with less acidity and less caffeine too.

  • French Press

The French press is one of the best ways to brew your coffee as it slowly releases all its flavor.

It is also perfect for those with acid reflux as it has no acidic content because of the brewing style.

However, it is best used with dark-roasted beans as the extraction process tends to be harsh on lighter blends.

  • Aeropress

The Aeropress is one of the most popular low acid coffee brands that you can use right now if you’re looking for less acidic coffee.

And since its brewing time isn’t very long, you don’t need to worry too much about over-extraction either.

Quick Tips To Avoid Acid Reflux & Enjoy Your Coffee

Have you ever found yourself scratching your head wondering what to do when you get that burning sensation after eating or drinking something?

The problem is that you’re not alone because up to 30% of us have acid reflux at least once a week.

What might surprise you is that acid reflux can affect the lower esophagus too so it’s impossible to avoid this type of discomfort altogether.

So here are some tips on how to deal with it.

  • Try cold brew or iced coffee, if you can tolerate that. These are more toned-down than hot brewed coffee.
  • Make your own brew. If you’re planning on buying coffee at the store, choose brands that are 100% organic and shade-grown.
  • Avoid instant coffee or any coffee with flavorings or additives. Simple is best!
  • Dilute your cup of joe with milk, sugar, or even some half-and-half for a milder taste.
  • And if all else fails, try using a water filter to remove all the impurities from your water.
  • Avoid drinking coffee on an empty stomach.

What Are the Benefits of Low Acid Coffee?

There are several benefits to choosing low acid coffee, not just for those who have acid reflux but also for everyone else.

Here are some of them:

Better For Your Stomach

As I said earlier, acidity is produced when you make coffee and if you’re not using low acid coffee, the acids will hurt your sensitive stomach and cause discomfort.

The higher the acidity level in your coffee is, the worse it will be for sensitive stomachs.

Keeps Your Teeth Healthier

Coffee was regarded as a natural teeth whitener for a long time but that doesn’t mean it’s completely harmless to them.

Higher acid levels in coffee can erode the enamel on your teeth so avoiding acidic brews can help keep them healthier.

Still Good For Your Heart

A study in the Journal of Nutrition found that drinking coffee could help improve your cholesterol levels.

Keeps You Full

Coffee can be a great alternative to unhealthy sugar and caffeinated drinks.

It will only work if you’re using low acid brews which give you a lot of benefits and keep you full for longer.

Taking into consideration the fact that most people today drink acidic coffees, we can conclude that despite the disadvantages, low acid coffee still has some benefits.

I know there is a lot of information here but it is just the tip of the iceberg.

But whatever you do, don’t give up on coffee.

Instead, try to find the right kind of coffee for your needs and I’m sure you’ll feel better in no time.

Now let’s move on to some background on the best low acid coffee brands on the market.

Best Low Acid Coffee Grounds

  1. Lifeboost Coffee Ground Medium Roast Coffee
  2. Lucy Jo’s Coffee Organic Mellow Belly Low Acid Blend
  3. Puroast Low Acid Ground Coffee
  4. Volcanica Low Acid Coffee
  5. Tyler’s No Acid Organic Ground Coffee

Best Low Acid Coffee Beans

  1. Lifeboost Coffee Whole Bean Medium Roast
  2. Puroast Low Acid Whole Bean Coffee
  3. Lucy Jo’s Coffee, Organic Mellow Belly Low Acid Blend, Whole Bean
  4. Java Planet Organic Coffee Beans

Best Low Acid Coffee Pods

  1. Puroast Low Acid Coffee Single-Serve Pods
  2. HealthWise Coffee for Keurig K-Cup
  3. Mushroom Coffee Pods
  4. HealthWise Low Acid Decaf for Keurig K-Cup Brewers

If you were wondering which coffee is least acidic, you can check the abovenamed products.

As you can see from the list, there are a lot of choices when it comes to low acid coffee.

If you don’t want to go through all those options, let me save you some time and give my best honest opinion.

1. Lifeboost Low Acid Coffee

  • Item Form: Ground
  • Flavor: GROUND Medium Roast
  • Caffeine Content: Caffeinated 89-95MG
  • Roast Level: Medium Roast

This is one of the most common, trusted, and popular brands on the market with a lot of very satisfied customers.

This is perfect for all kinds of coffee drinkers, from the health buffs to the average Joe.

The Lifeboost coffee is an all-natural product, free from any harmful chemicals so you can have your cup of coffee without worrying about the damage it causes.

And if you have acid reflux, this is even better as it has very low levels of acidity in it.

2. Puroast Low Acid Coffee

  • Item Form: Ground
  • Flavor: Premium House Blend
  • Caffeine Content: Caffeinated
  • Roast Level: Medium Roast

This is another excellent choice and, like Lifeboost Coffee, you can get it in the ground and whole bean versions.

It’s also a popular choice with a lot of satisfied customers so you know you’re getting something good.

Puroast is another great brand if you want healthier coffee with less acidic content in it. Actually, it is 70% less acidic than regular coffee and has been the favorite of many coffee lovers with heartburn, acid reflux etc…

So this has my vote for being one of the best low acid coffee on the market right now.

3. Java Planet Low Acid Coffee

  • Item Form: Whole Bean
  • Flavor: Colombian
  • Caffeine Content: Caffeinated
  • Roast Level: Dark Roast

This is another one that I highly recommend

Java Planet is a very popular brand and they have a lot of satisfied customers which tells you a lot about the quality of the product.

In my opinion, this is also one of the best organic coffee brands with low acid as it’s USDA certified as well.

4. Volcanica Low Acid Coffee

  • Item Form: Whole Bean
  • Flavor: Low Acid
  • Caffeine Content: Caffeinated
  • Roast Level: Medium Roast

This is another great choice that is popular among people who prefer more natural products.

Volcanica has a very clean taste and they use only organic beans so you can be sure your coffee isn’t full of any harmful chemicals.

Many reviewers have praised it for its great taste and low acidity levels.

5. Low Acid Coffee Pods

If you’re someone that has limited time in the morning or if you’re looking for a convenient alternative to ground coffee, pods are the way to go.

One of the best low-acid pods that I can recommend is HealthWise Coffee for Keurig K-Cup.

HealthWise coffee pods are known to have a very low pH acid in each K-Cup, no bitterness or harshness.

And as they say ” Your stomach will love the difference”!

  • Item Form: Whole Bean
  • Flavor: Colombian Supremo
  • Caffeine Content: Caffeinated
  • Roast Level: Medium Roast

They are USDA organic, gluten-free, vegan, kosher friendly, kosher certified by Kof-K, non-GMO verified, and contain no harmful carcinogens.

These pods are a great choice for both coffee snobs and health nuts alike.

Final Thoughts on Low Acid Coffee

So, now you have a few alternatives to highly acidic coffee.

To better enjoy your morning java, it will be best to go for a low acid coffee.

This way, you’ll be able to drink your coffee or tea without worrying about its taste and how it will affect your digestive system.

But even if you don’t want to change anything else, maybe just try replacing your regular caffeinated coffee with one of these low acid coffee brands I mentioned here.

Taking a coffee that’s low in acidity can help keep your stomach better without even needing to drink less of it.

As long as you’re not drinking coffee that’s acidic, I’m sure you’ll be alright.

I hope this post has helped you on your journey of finding the best low acid coffee.


1. Is Decaf Coffee Acidic?

Well, even if they’re decaffeinated, the beans have been roasted and the coffee still has a lot of caffeine in it so there’s still a lot of acidity from that.

However, there are a few brands that have decaf organic coffee but they’re not very popular because people can’t stand the taste of them.

2. Is Dark Roast Coffee Less Acidic?

Dark roasts are usually less acidic than light roasts since the color of the roasted beans deeply affects the pH level of the coffee itself. That’s why some people always prefer dark roasts as they gradually lose their acidity as they cool down.

However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t any acidic dark roasts out there so you should do some research first.

3. Is Light Roast Coffee Less Acidic?

The pH level of light roast coffee is higher than other types of coffee roasts. A light roast is lighter in color but contains much more acidity than a dark roast or a medium roast.

4. Is Low Acid Coffee Good For Acid Reflux?

Absolutely! Coffee is acidic but that doesn’t mean that you should avoid it completely. If your acid reflux is caused by coffee, you can still drink it but make sure to go for the right kind of coffee, the one with low acid.

5. Which Coffee is Least Acidic?

There are many low-acid or even acid-free coffee brands on the market. The ones I have suggested in this article are genuine and safe for acid reflux.

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