how to make coffee while camping

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So, you’re a new addict to coffee and you’re going camping soon.

Let me tell you this is gonna an amazing camping trip you won’t forget!

That’s right, whether you’re backpacking or hiking, camping or RV-ing, I can offer you some quick and easy tips on how to make that perfect iced mocha latte or a simple yet flavorful hot coffee.

So without further ado, let’s see how you can make the perfect while camping.

Coffee & Camping – The Perfect Match

I’m sure that you’re already aware of how important coffee is to your camping experience.

It’s a drink that can match any adventure, big or small.

We all need a mug of coffee in our hands to gear up for a new day on the trail, on the water or going to sleep under the stars during an RV trip.

It’s a critical part of the camping experience.

So, if you’re traveling with family or friends, camping alone or even going off on a solo adventure, knowing how to make coffee while camping will greatly increase the enjoyment of your trip.

No one wants to be tired and grumpy because they didn’t get their caffeine fix first thing in the morning.

Here are some helpful tips on how to make coffee while camping.

Where To Make Coffee While Camping?

While most campsites will have a fire pit or picnic table where you can enjoy your hot beverage of choice, there are times when you may need to brew some coffee somewhere else.

Since it’s nice out, you have options for where to make coffee while camping beside the usual campfire.

A grill griddle is an awesome invention for when you need to make something you can’t easily cook in a fire pit or on a camp stove.

Grill griddles are available for sale, but if you don’t want to purchase one, all you need to do is take some metal-edged cookie sheets or baking pans and then hammer them into shape.

How to Make Coffee While Camping - Grill Griddle
  • Material: Cast Iron
  • Color: Black
  • Item Weight: 8 Pounds
  • Shape: Rectangular

You can also use the side of your tent as a makeshift grill griddle.

If you don’t have a grill griddle, the easiest way to make the perfect while camping is to bring along a portable skillet or electric skillet.

Depending on your camping need, you can make pancakes or pancakes with hash browns for breakfast.

If you’re going on a big hike in which you’ll be carrying all your food with you, be sure to bring along some coffee filters and sugar crystals to sweeten up your drink.

Reasons You Should Take Coffee With You When Going Camping

Before learning how to make coffee while camping, let me just start by telling you why you should always take coffee with you.

Well, this is a piece of advice for coffee lovers only!

It Will Help You Wake Up Fast

The caffeine in coffee helps greatly with your focus and energy levels.

So if you are an early bird or just enjoy the feeling of being efficient, grab some coffee!

Or maybe you need to crush some work before heading off to the beach. Coffee is your friend!

It Increases Your Tolerance to Pain

Coffee’s caffeine content is known to increase sensitivity and also improve endurance.

So if you’re out camping and need to climb that mountain or hike that slope, grab your coffee!

You’ll be surprised at how much more tolerance you can develop with a shot of espresso in your system.

It’s the perfect all-natural energy booster!

Coffee Helps Prevent Dehydration

I know, I know, coffee dehydrates you.

But there is research that shows lower benefits of caffeine can actually compensate for the dehydrating effects.

So if you’re camping and not feeling very well, feel free to grab some coffee!

You’ll be surprised at how much more energy you have after a cup of java.

It Helps Reduce Anxiety

Now, I’m not saying this will solve your problems, but it might help if you are anxious or depressed about heading out on your camping trip.

Caffeine is known to be a great mood booster. So grab a cup of coffee and let the caffeine work it’s magic!

Now that you know why you should always take coffee with you, let’s see how to make that perfect latte while camping.

Coffee Making Methods While Camping

1. Using A Thermos

If you have an old thermos with the drinking spout cap on it, this is another great way to make coffee while camping.

Fill your thermos with water and add some coffee grounds, boiled water and sugar if needed.

Either use a drinking straw or stick your hand in the drinking spout of the thermos to hold the coffee grounds in place while you fill.

Let the coffee sit for a while and then just drink it through the drinking spout of the thermos.

2. Using A Portable Coffee Maker

Nowadays, there are so many different models and brands of portable coffee makers available for purchase.

Some of these can actually be used on a gas stove, and some can also be used on an open fire or grill griddle.

One great piece of gear to keep in your camping gear is a portable coffee maker like the Primula Coffee Travel French Press.

It’s made of stainless steel and is designed to be used on a gas stove or open fire.

To make iced coffee, add the ice when you add the hot water.

To make hot coffee, fill it up with boiled water and then add in your coffee grounds and sugar if needed.

It’s lightweight and pretty compact, which is great for backpacking or for simply saving space when camping. Plus, it’s easy to use and clean up.

3. Using An Electric Kettle

Using an electric kettle for making coffee is another great way to make coffee while camping.

You’ll need a portable electric kettle that you can take anywhere and that holds enough water for your needs.

Now, this type of coffee maker will cost more than the other two methods mentioned above, but they do last longer and are built strong with stainless steel and aluminum.

In addition, they have a variety of different settings for heating up your water.

Some will have an adjustable temperature so you can make coffee at the perfect temperature.

You can get a kettle that makes up to 1 liter of hot water at a time, so it’s pretty darn handy.

Plus, they are pretty lightweight and compact, which is great for camping or for even carrying in your backpack when hiking.

Just fill up the kettle, stick it on your fire or into your grill griddle, fire up the grill, and you’re all set to enjoy some coffee.

All you need are three things to make perfect coffee while camping:

Coffee Grounds – Use a coffee scoop or a plain spoon to put the coffee grounds on top of your stove or grill griddle. You can use either regular or fine ground coffee.

Just make sure you use coffee grounds that are ground the same size as the filter of your chosen coffee maker.

Boiled Water – This is a necessity if you want to make a good cup of coffee while camping.

What you’ll do is boil some water on your camp stove or grill griddle and then pour it into your thermos or portable electric kettle.

Sugar – If you’re going to drink your coffee black, then don’t add any sugar.

However, if you’re going to sweeten it up a little bit, then be sure to bring some sugar. You can use fine or granulated sugar or even simple syrup.

Just make sure that the sugar dissolves completely into the coffee before drinking it.

How To Make Coffee While Camping: The Basic “How To” Instructions

There’s no reason to get fancy when you’re preparing your morning cup of java.

A simple combination of some nice hot water, a little coffee and a few additional items will help you start your day off right.

Since it’s the first thing that you do in the morning, you should be able to pay attention to all details.

If you’re making more than just a single cup of coffee, be sure to have a mug on hand for yourself as well as one for your camping friend who’s going to want some too.

To be sure, measuring the right amount of coffee is important if you want to make sure your perfect is just.

You’ll need to measure out your coffee grounds according to the number of cups you’re planning on making.

The greatest way to start is with a fresh cup of water and then use your instant hot water heater, if available.

These are often used in restaurants or cafes, but they’re amazing when you’re on the road.

If you don’t have one of these at your disposal, boil some water with your pot or bring along a portable hot water heater.

Now that there’s nice hot water, it’s time to add in those grounds.

For a single cup of coffee, you can use up to 2 tablespoons of coffee ground.

If you want more coffee, it’s best to use a scale as well as a measuring cup.

Then after you’ve measured out your coffee grounds, it’s time to add in the boiling water.

Once you have the right amount of water in your pot, be sure to remove from the heat and let it stand for a few minutes.

This will allow the grounds to expand enough so they can saturate evenly in the water.

Once you have a nice, saturated mixture of coffee grounds and hot water in a cup at hand, stir well and use an existing mug or even a metal spoon if needed for this job.

By stirring, you’ll make sure your grounds saturate the water evenly.

For a single cup of coffee, all you need to do is let it sit for about 3 minutes before pouring it into your coffee mug.

If you want to make a second cup of coffee, then allow the first cup to sit for another 2 minutes before pouring it into a different mug.

Way easier than brewing on an open fire!

How To Make Coffee While Camping – The Pro Method

These days, there are a number of methods out there that you can follow to make a perfect cup of coffee while camping.

Some of them may take a few extra minutes, but the results are well worth it.

To start our how to make coffee while camping section, we’ll need to go over some basic pieces of equipment that will be needed:

Coffee Grinder

I know, this is a big one!

But trust me, if you love coffee, you need a good grinder. The second best alternative would be to buy pre-ground coffee and buy it in the largest quantities possible.

Coffee Beans

This is the most important part of the how to make coffee while camping mini tutorial.

You probably don’t want to carry a huge bag of coffee beans for your trip, so you’ll want to buy in bulk and buy pre-ground when necessary.

Try to limit yourself to no more than 8oz at a time when choosing bags of beans for your trip. It’s easier and lighter!

Coffee Filter

You can’t make a coffee without coffee filters!

These will help you to make your perfect frothy latte in no time.

If you’re buying in bulk, buy in bulk and buy in bulk! You can also use paper coffee filters during camping.

Water Filter(s)

Now that we know how to make coffee while camping, we need to include something to clean our water with.

I prefer the Sawyer Squeeze Water Filter because it’s lightweight and easy to use when on the go.

It’s also really easy to clean, which makes it an awesome filter for your camping trip.

Coffee Cups(s)

Of course, you’ll need something to hold your coffee in!

That’s why I recommend grabbing a lightweight and durable coffee cup that is easy to clean, easily hand-washable!

I’d recommend the Contigo 12oz Stainless SteelSnap Seal Coffee Tumbler because it’s stainless steel and also vacuum-insulated.

This helps keep your coffee hot and your iced mochas cold!

Now that you know what equipment will be needed for this how to make coffee while camping tutorial, let’s see how it’s done.

Iced Mocha Latte Recipe

Let’s talk recipes! How to make coffee while camping is our main topic today.

Cold Brew or Ice Brew Iced Coffee Recipe

So, if you’re a coffee lover and you’re outdoors, you probably find it very annoying to get your coffee cold.

The problem with hot coffee is that it can get pretty gross, pretty quickly when it’s not kept in the fridge or the freezer.

So this is my main recipe for today! It’s easy to make and pretty much cools itself over time.

  • Mix up your cold brew coffee following the directions on the label. If you are using pre-ground coffee, make sure to grind it in less power settings. This is important because the ice will dilute the strength of your coffee.
  • Take a bag of ice and place it in an ice tray or plastic container with a lid.
  • Place your coffee in a coffee mug and pour it into the ice cube tray or container.
  • Place your whole ice cube tray or container inside a larger freezer bag and place it inside the large freezer bag. Do this until you feel that your coffee is cold enough for you!

Making the Perfect Mocha Latte While Camping

Now, we’ll continue with the how to make coffee while camping tutorial and talk about what you can do with your cold-brewed coffee.

So we’ve just made some ice coffee and we want to turn that into a mocha latte. This is very easy and only takes a few minutes:

  • Get some chocolate powder and cocoa powder and mix them up.
  • Empty the ice cubes from the iced coffee into a plastic bag and add your chocolate powder and cocoa powder.
  • Shake it up for a few minutes until they’re all melted together.
  • Take a mug, add some milk of your choice and pour in the chocolate latte mixture in a smooth stream until it gets a nice frothy consistency in your drink! Top off with whipped cream or any sugar you have on hand before stirring in!
  • Enjoy your coffee!

Final Thoughts on How To Make Coffee While Camping

Now that you know how to make coffee while camping, you should be good to go!

Whether you’re hiking in the woods, on a rock climbing adventure, at the beach or in the backcountry this guide is for you.

Trust me, it’s grown on me and I’ve mastered many of these tips and tricks over time!

I recommend that you try making coffee while camping in the early morning hours when it’s cool out.

It’ll taste much better than when it gets too hot later in the day.

When it comes to camping, the best way to get great coffee while camping is by using a coffee maker and making it cold brew or ice brew, followed by following the steps in the how to make coffee while camping tutorial!

It’s easy and quick and so much better than instant coffee

If you love your coffee and love camping, this is an easy way to accomplish both goals: enjoy great campfire conversations and a perfect cup of coffee.

Make sure to have a great time on your camping trips, with your java in hands!

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