How To Make Black Coffee Taste Good

how to make black coffee taste good

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You hate black coffee and you want to know how to make black coffee taste good!

It tastes so bad you can’t stand it, and not enough milk or sugar can make the taste go away.

But what’s the real problem? Is it just your taste buds?

Well, don’t mind your tastebuds being so picky and misleading you tell yourself you don’t like black coffee.

I will try my best to give some hints on why you don’t like black coffee, and what might make it taste better.

I will give you some tips on how to make your coffee taste good, even better than normal.

How to Make Black Coffee Taste Good

Besides the obvious reasons like the nature of the beans (some are really good) or your coffee machine (because it’s not doing its best), there are other factors that affect the quality of your brew.

Here are some ways that might help you make your black coffee taste good.

1. Buy the Best Coffee Beans You Can Afford

Try to buy the best coffee beans you can afford. Check what’s in the bag, not only the name of the brand but also find out which roast is represented in it.

The color can also tell you whether there are any defects in the bean or not.

If it’s dark brown or appears burnt, then that means there are no defects in it whatsoever, and you should get to know more about its flavor traits and enjoy it accordingly.

For instance, if you want a flavorful espresso, you can’t just buy whatever coffee beans.

You have to get the best quality espresso beans for a rich and delicious tasting espresso.

2. Buy a Good Coffee Machine

This is a controversial subject because people have different opinions on this matter. But a good coffee machine can definitely be a game-changer in your coffee lifestyle.

If you have a good coffee machine, you can use it for a long time.

But if you have a poor quality one, your investment will soon be wasted, and it will leave you unsatisfied.

So, this is to say that a poor coffee machine can be the culprit behind the bad taste of your coffee.

To solve this, you will have to buy a good coffee machine.

3. Grind Your Beans

Grinding your beans is an important step.

You should measure your coffee’s taste against that of a fresher, better-roasted bean.

If you use a blade grinder, then grind the coffee as fine as possible.

However, if you use a brew method that has a lower water temperature (such as drip), then it doesn’t matter how fine you grind it because the brewing process will not make it become too fine or too coarse.

What’s more, adding the right amount of ground coffee to an inferior brew method can make your poor quality brew taste better instead of bad.

This is one advantage to using different brewing methods with finer particle sizes.

But I also think you should pay attention to the particle size and not grind it too fine.

As for the best grinder to use, I recommend buying a burr grinder.

4. Use Decaffeinated Beans

Another method that might help you from making your black coffee taste better is using decaffeinated beans.

If you add little decaffeinated beans, then add more milk or cream to your coffee, this can help you from ruining your coffee’s flavor.

But if you don’t have any decaf in the house, then you can also grind up a whole lot of regular beans and use them instead.

5. Use Milk or Cream

Adding milk or cream to your coffee doesn’t make it bad. In fact, it can help you from ruining your coffee’s flavor even more.

If you don’t have milk or cream at home, then there are other alternatives that you can use.

You can use soy milk, almond milk, etc. For best results, choose a non-dairy creamer that’s low in calories but high in creaminess.

Non-dairy creamer is saturated with oils and emulsifiers that are designed to churn out “cream” without either dairy or fat content. And it also tastes good in coffee!

6. Cool It Down

Most people say that hot coffee is “stronger” or has a “bolder taste”.

But the truth is, drinking in cool temperatures makes your tongue more sensitive to flavors, which in turn makes you able to distinguish between more specific flavors.

Ideally, you should drink your coffee at about 40-50 degrees Celsius (104-122 degrees Fahrenheit).

However, if you can’t do it, there is nothing wrong with drinking your coffee at a hotter temperature.

In fact, the ideal temperature for coffee to reach will depend on its brew method.

To find out the best temperature you should use, let’s check how to make black coffee taste good in different brewing methods.

7. Using Coffee Syrups

Using coffee syrups is another way to make your black coffee taste good.

Coffee syrups are great for making beverage-based desserts. But be careful what syrup you choose so as not to disrupt or ruin your coffee’s flavor.

Sometimes, coffee syrups are also used to add flavor to other food and drinks, such as wine, tea, and even fruit juice.

8. Using Other Flavorings

Other than using syrups for flavoring your drink, you should also consider using spices or other flavorings in your black coffee.

You can add a little cinnamon into a cup of hot water for a strong aroma of cinnamon associated with a certain type of taste.

You can also add a little vanilla extract to make the coffee smells stronger and give it a wonderful sweet taste that everyone loves.

Not only that but you can also add flavored chocolate chips into your cup for extra sweetness and flavors!

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9. Milk Frothing

This is a method where you can make milk foam which you can use to top off your drinks without it being mixed with the liquid below.

The basic principle is that you take water heated to around 60 degrees Celsius, mix in some milk powder with the hot water, and then froth the mixture until you get a nice foamy texture.

Then you can pour this mixture on top of your coffee without it mixing with the coffee below.

The best thing about using milk frothing is that it’s easy to do, clean up is easy enough, and it also creates an extra layer of flavor that you can enjoy.

You just need to heat up some water along with the milk powder in a container and then mix them together.

Then simply froth them with an electric mixer or manually with a whisk.

How To Make Black Coffee Taste Good Without Milk

If you’re not a big fan of milk in your coffee, you can still make your black coffee taste good.

You can choose to add some sugar or syrup or your favorite flavorings. For example, you can add some brown sugar or honey to add a bolder and more rich flavor to the drink.

Or you could just add some vanilla extract for a sweet and creamy flavor.

It’s true that if you don’t have any milk or don’t like milk in your coffee, you can still make your black coffee taste amazing.

How To Make Black Coffee Taste Good With Cream

Do you think that making your black coffee taste good is hard to do? Well, I have one more trick for you!

It’s not too hard at all! It’s just that, it requires some patience and understanding of the methods that I will be telling you about.

So, let’s get straight to it.

The best thing about how to make black coffee taste good with cream is that it’s easy and fun to do!

All you have to do is dispense some hot water into your cup, then add in some cream or milk, and then mix it all together.

The result of this process will be a blended drink where the coffee can get wet by the combination of water and cream.

What are some other ways on how to make black coffee taste good without milk?

Well, here are some easy instructions that you can follow:

  • You can try making your favorite hot beverage using hot water only, then adding in some sugar or cream, and then mixing it all together well before drinking it.

However, this will not be as foamy as using milk frothing. So remember to mix well before drinking!

  • You can try adding some vanilla extract into the hot water and then mixing it up. The result will be a nice vanilla flavor, but not as rich as using milk frothing.
  • You can make your black coffee with plain hot water only, and then add in some sugar, honey or cream at the end to make it foamy.

This will make the coffee taste less bitter and sweeter.

How To Make Black Coffee Taste Good – Experiment Different Brewing Methods

1. Drip Method

This is an easy method that can be found anywhere from your local gas station to a restaurant in Hong Kong.

It’s probably the most popular brewing method among them all.

When brewing coffee, you can use either a French press, a drip pot or a dripper.

The amount of water that your machine needs will depend on the size of the container, and whether it’s a French press or drip pot.

If you’re using a French press (carafe) then you only need to use one part of water for every two teaspoons of ground coffee.

When pouring the hot water in your carafe, be careful not to splash it all over your countertop.

2. Cafe Press Method

This is also known as Turkish and Arabic coffee and this is considered as one of the best ways to make black coffee in the world.

There is a lot of history associated with this brewing method, and a lot of the history is still carried on today.

But what’s more, it’s a great way to make black coffee taste good!

To make your black coffee taste good with the café press, you will need nothing more than a stovetop pot and a filter.

You can also use it with a drip machine if you want.

3. French Press Method

A French press is a great way to make black coffee taste good.

All you will need is the French press, some coffee beans, some hot water, and some time to enjoy your cup of joe.

To use the French press method you have to have some hot water at hand, so you can pour it into your pot for between 3-5 minutes. This way the water will cool down before brewing.

Don’t leave it out too long or else it might get too cold and then your coffee will just taste like ice cubes!

A good temperature will allow for a greater flavor extraction from both the beans and the optimal temperature range for flavor extraction falls between 90 – 95 degrees Celsius (194 – 203 degrees Fahrenheit).

5. Pour Over Method

This method will require you to have a cone-shaped filter, a dripper, and some freshly ground coffee beans.

For this brewing method, if you want your black coffee to taste better, I suggest that you start with 30 grams of coffee beans.

Grind the beans first before you put them in your dripper.

You’ll also need about 12 ounces of water at room temperature or level 4-5 on an electric kettle.

After that, simply pour the hot water evenly over the grounds. If you’re using a paper filter then it should take more than 5 minutes for the entire process to finish.

6. Turkish Method

For the next method, you will need a French press, ground coffee beans and hot water.

This is a good method for those who want their coffee to taste good and they also love to experiment.

Basically, you’re going to pour hot water into your carafe while adding your ground coffee evenly throughout the mix of water and coffee beans.

Pour in some hot water until you get a layer of foam on top of your cup and then add more hot water evenly until it’s enough to cover the grounds completely.

Then just wait for around 30 minutes before you can enjoy your cup of joe!

7. Moka Pot Method

The Moka pot is a stovetop method to make coffee.

It’s actually a stovetop espresso maker, but this method it allows you to make coffee without having to use any fancy equipment or expensive beans.

The most basic things you need are some hot water, some instant coffee, and a stovetop espresso maker.

First of all, you’re going to heat up the water in the kettle to between 200 – 230 degrees Celsius (392 – 446 degrees Fahrenheit).

This is hot enough for most manual or electric espresso machines that will be used later on.

Final Thoughts on How To Make Black Coffee Taste Good

As you’ve seen, there can be many different ways how to make black coffee taste good.

Some of them are just as easy as simply buying fresh beans and brewing them, while others require a bit of work and time to get exactly what you want out of your beverage.

Of course, this is subjective depending on the type of coffee drink you want your coffee to be.

You can either use fresh or pre-grounded coffee beans for different types of drinks such as cappuccinos, lattes, and so on.

If you’re the type that’s really busy with all your daily activities, then you can also use instant coffee.

That should be good for you because it’s quick and easy, plus it’s also really affordable. You can buy it anywhere from supermarkets or even grocery stores.

There are even some varieties out there that are loaded with vitamins and nutrients to keep your body healthy!

By now I’m sure you’ve learned a thing or two about how to make black coffee taste good.

I would highly recommend trying the various brew methods mentioned above because you’ll not only improve your culinary skills, but you will also get to know what makes coffee taste good.

Now that you’ve tasted different types of coffee that can change or enhance the way your black coffee tastes, there’s no excuse for you not to experiment.

The more practice you get in making coffee, the better you’ll become. Just like everything else in life, practice makes perfect!

So make sure to try these methods out and teach others about them too because everyone has different preferences when it comes to making their own drinks.

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