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Ever wondered what is French Coffee?

I bet you think it’s some sort of coffee that only the French drink or it’s the coffee obtained after a French roast!

This article will remove your doubts, answer your questions and make you understand a particular way of drinking coffee.

On the streets of Paris, you’ll find a thousand cafés with corners and tables intended for lingering.

You’ve probably seen them in photos all around the internet or on Instagram.

They are the most romantic places for a date, for inspiration or to daydream.

Now let’s get straight to the point: What is french coffee?

What Is French Coffee?

French coffee is not necessarily coffee from a french press. Let’s get that cleared!

It is on the other hand the coffee culture in France.

It’s how the French drink their coffee and the experience surrounding the act of drinking coffee itself.

It’s definitely not about what is in the coffee cup but more about where it’s consumed, and how it’s consumed.

The French have a drink for every occasion.

They drink coffee all day long, multiple times a day for many reasons.

Its great taste, the ritual of drinking it and the social aspect all contribute to the power of french coffee.

Coffee is not just for breakfast anymore; now they drink it at lunch or even in the evening with your friends or family.

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French Coffee Culture

Coffee is the most consumed drink in France after water.

Drinking coffee is like a ritual!

No matter where no matter what time it is.

A cup of coffee can be bought from any cafe or Bistrot, but this won’t make you a real french man or woman.

It’s the taste and the culture that makes this so special.

A cup of coffee, as said before, can be bought from any cafe or bistrot as long as it’s ‘real’ french coffee.

Some cafes will serve you a cup of espresso and you might think that it’s okay to drink this once in a while. Wrong!

It doesn’t matter if you like it or not…. it’s the culture and the way they’re used to drinking this sort of coffee.

Just like any other culture, the French have their own language too.

When ordering coffee in a French café or Bistrot, each type of coffee drink has its own specific french name.

Café (or un café) means ‘a cup of coffee’ or ‘a small cup of coffee’.

How Do French People Take Their Coffee?

French people can take their coffee with milk, water, or simply straight up — it all depends on what they like.

Some people take their coffee black or with sugar.

It’s common to order an espresso after lunch.

Whereas in the morning, they usually order a “café au lait,” which is a shot of espresso in a cup of coffee with hot milk.

Types Of French Coffee Drinks – French Coffee Names

Coffee remains the most drank beverage in France after water.

Its consumption has increased by more than 30% in the last 40 years to become a daily necessity for nearly 70 million French people, or almost 83% of the population above 15 years.

Coffee is taken at any time of day and in any situation: in college, in the office, in a café or bar, during social events, and even after meals.

In this section, you will learn about the different types of coffee drinks consumed in France and their French coffee names.

1. Le Café Noir

Simply put, it’s the French Espresso.

This is a strong dark shot of espresso with a handful of sugar.

Sugar cubes placed next to it are always ready.

The “expresso” or café noir is probably the most popular way of drinking coffee in France and is widely available.

You can drink it standing up, at a bar or in a café, and it’s the way to go for a quick pick-me-up.

2. Café Crème

It is an espresso with steamed milk, literally “coffee with cream.”

Appeared in 1685 in France, milk was added to limit the bitter taste of coffee, without having to add sugar or honey.

The choice of this drink often depends on how much cream you want in your coffee to make it taste better.

This is also known as the café au lait. This drink is preferred by those who find the classic espresso too strong.

3. Le Café Noisette

Very simple and just as popular, hazelnut coffee is an espresso in which a drop of milk is added, then taking on a color close to the Hazelnut.

It’s good to know that Hazelnut is the English word for noisette.

4. Café Allongé

Café long, Caffè lungo in Italy, or Americano in the US, this coffee is simply made long by pouring a single or double espresso into a glass of hot water.

5. Le Café Décafféiné or Le Déca

If you haven’t figured it out yet, le Déca is simply a decaf in English.

Believe it or not, some French do drink their decaf.

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Add-Ons To A French Coffee

As you now know, the French coffee culture is more than just the coffee itself.

It is the experience of drinking coffee in a French café or Bistrot.

And it is one that you should experience at least once in your life! Trust me on this!

Now let’s talk about the add-ons to the french coffee.

France is known for its pastries from the “baguette” to the “macaron.

So, the perfect addition to the french coffee is a pastry.

The most popular is, drumroll, the french croissant. This treat is delicious served with butter as breakfast.

It is also common that it is dipped in the coffee itself. Weird right? But not for the French!

French croissants are always available at breakfast, but they can also be enjoyed during the day as a snack.

They’re loaded with butter and they’re full of flaky layers filled with pastry cream or crème de marrons (sweet chestnut jam).

In the afternoon, as a snack, it’s also common for the French to accompany their coffee with a pastry or sweet treats like macarons or éclairs.

Learning The French Coffee Terminology

This section is my favorite. I get to teach you how to order coffee (my favorite drink) in French.

So whenever you plan your romantic trip (wink) to Paris or any other city in France, I hope you read this post again, make your way to a cozy Bistrot or Café, and order your favorite java with utmost confidence.

The French are very passionate about their coffee and use specific phrases to order their coffee at cafes or Bistrots.

To sound like a pro, here are some handy French phrases to use when ordering coffee.

Coffee Phrases For Ordering

The phrases you will need to know are:

  • Je voudrais un café, s’il-vous-plait – I would like a coffee, please.
  • Un café noir/au lait/décafféiné s’il vous plaît. A black coffee, latte or decaf please.
  • Une tasse de café à la crème s’il vous plaît. A cup of coffee with cream please.
  • Une deuxième tasse de café, s’il-vous plaît? A second cup of coffee please.
  • Un peu de sucre à la crème, s’il-vous plaît? A little sugar in the cream please.

Final Thoughts About French Coffee

Now that you know the secret behind French Coffee, are you ready to order your own?

Nothing beats a real french coffee in France’s streets.

The experience of just sitting in a Bistrot and having a simple coffee is one of those perfect French moments that should be shared with the world.

I personally find it just as delicious to order alone or with company.

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