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Do cold brew filters make a difference? Which are the best filters to use? These are surely your questions right, that’s why you’ve landed on this post.

We all know coffee is delicious, but it can also be pretty strong. Cold brew allows you to enjoy the more subtle flavors of the beans without being overwhelmed by caffeine.

If you’re looking for an easier brewing method that will give you that same coffee flavor, then cold brew just might be your new favorite drink!

Ready to learn how?

Keep on reading for some information on cold-brewing methods and where to find some of the best cold-brew filters available today.

Shop The 5 Cold Brew Filters For The Perfect Cold Brew

Why Cold Brew Filters?

Replacing your cold brew filters is not just a good idea – it’s a requirement.

It’s extremely important to change your filters if you notice any significant staining of the coffee, for example, black mold on the coffee grounds.

A tiny amount of mold could ruin your cold brew experience, so be sure to go out and get some new ones!

Filters are also essential if you notice that your cold brew is not brewed through to the bottom. If you don’t change your filters regularly, then your coffee won’t be getting all of the flavors from the coffee grounds.

Essentially, changing your filters often is a good habit and one that will keep you brewing the best-tasting cold brew coffee every time.

What Filter To Choose?

There are so many different types of cold brew filters available today. You can purchase filters made out of paper, mesh, plastic and even metal!

However, some types of filters work better than others. If you’re looking for the best way to filter your coffee grounds in order to keep out any unnecessary flavors or particles in your drink, then mesh or metal are probably the best options for you!

These two types of coffee filters will give you the cleanest result when it comes to cold-brewing your beans.

One of the main problems with paper filters is that they tend to hold onto any unwanted particles. With metal ones, your cold brew will be crystal clear!

What Type of Cold Brew Filters Make The Best Coffee?

Most coffee connoisseurs will tell you, “the best filters are the ones you’ll actually use.” Well, it all comes down to what you enjoy.

If you prefer a lighter coffee flavor or even a stronger one, then mesh will make for the best filter for you.

Similarly, metal is another good option because it helps to keep out any unwanted particles that can ruin your coffee experience.

I also recommend trying paper filters if you love strong coffee flavors! Paper filters are excellent for brewing up that rich espresso-style brew with plenty of delicious flavors.

They’re a great way to keep your coffee from tasting too light or too strong. Remember that it’s always a good idea to use a new paper filter each time you brew your coffee!

What Do I Do With The Filters Once I Am Done Brewing?

The best thing to do with your cold brew filters is to throw them out. You want to avoid any leftovers from the last time you brewed!

If you have leftover grounds from your previous brew cycle, don’t save them in the fridge for later! Instead, pour the grounds into an airtight container and throw in some ice so that they can cool down quickly.

However, don’t throw the ice and coffee grounds away!

Use them as fertilizer for your plants! It’s a great way to use up any leftovers and keep those potentially harmful mold residues off of your plants.

Which Cold Brew Filters Are The Best?

If you want to start brewing cold-brew coffee with amazing results, then you should consider getting some metal filters.

These filters are virtually indestructible and will give you a perfectly clear cold brew every time.

They’re excellent for keeping out any unwanted particles that could otherwise end up in your coffee.

If you already use mesh filters, then it’s important to note that you should consider getting some metal ones too. It’s the easiest way to get that crystal-clear coffee you want.

Another option to consider is stainless steel. These filters are also very durable and allow for an easy flow of water through your beans.

If you like to set up your cold brew at night and wake up to perfectly brewed coffee, then stainless steel cold brew filters make for excellent choices.

Although they’re not quite as effective as metal or mesh, you can still get great results with them.

Without any further ado, let’s see which brands make the best cold brew filters.

5 Best Cold Brew Filters to Consider

1. Toddy Cold Brew Filters

toddy cold brew filters
  • Material: Polyester
  • Compatible Devices: Coffee Maker
  • Shape: Disk
  • Number of Pieces: 2

Made of glass, BPA-free plastic, felt and rubber, these Toddy Cold Brew Filters are our first choice. Well-made and durable, you can expect a good amount of uses out of the Toddy filters.

They fit into any Toddy Filter System and create a clean extraction that allows for a stronger taste without too much humidity.

These felt filters from Toddy are ideal for producing a smooth and strong cold brew coffee.

They are not only used for cold brew coffee but can also be used to make hot or cold tea. On top of that, they are very easy to use and easy to clean as well.

The brand claims that these cold brew filters can make your coffee less acidic by 67% compared to other hot brews.

2. OXO Good Grips Cold Brew Coffee Paper Filters

oxo good grips - cold brew filters
  • Material: Paper
  • Shape: Basket
  • Number of Filters: 50

While the OXO Good Grips set of filters is not made out of metal, they are very effective in removing any excess coffee grounds that may be present.

The filter is made out of paper and has an extremely large surface area, giving you a strong extraction while also removing any unwanted coffee grounds.

It’s important to note that these cold brew filters from OXO are compatible with their cold brew coffee maker.

Unlike stainless steel filters, the OXO paper filters provide an extra layer of extraction so you can brew a stronger cup of coffee, full of flavor.

On top of that, the filters are designed with a very large surface area so they can absorb more coffee grounds for a stronger brew.

They also have a water-sieving effect so you can get a cleaner and smoother cold-brewing experience with less effort.

3. Homyhee Cold Brew Coffee Filters

homyhee cold brew filters
  • Material: Nylon
  • Compatible Devices: Coffee Maker
  • Shape: Bag
  • Number of Pieces: 120

Although they are the cheapest on this list of cold brew filters, these no-mess Homyhee Cold Brew Coffee Filters still deliver some of the best results.

Their nylon filter bags are made out of compostable material and are good for cold brewing up to 32oz!

The cold brew filters made by Homyhee are ideal if you want to switch flavors and varieties of coffee grounds without breaking your wallet.

The results you get using these nylon cold brew filter bags are purely amazing.

Not only are they easy to use, but they work very well with different types of coffee containers such as your mason jar, your french press, or any other cold brew kit.

4. Doppeltree Reusable Cold Brew Filter Bags

doppeltree cold brew filters
  • Material: Cotton
  • Compatible Devices: Mason Jar, Toddy, Pitcher
  • Shape: Square
  • Number of Pieces: 2

If you’re the kind of coffee drinker who hates sludge and extra coffee grounds, then these reusable cold brew filter bags are ideal for you.

Made out of 100% natural and organic cotton, these filters are designed to make sure you can get full use of your grounds without over-extracting the coffee.

The Doppeltree reusable cold brew filter bags are excellent for getting the perfect style and strength of coffee.

The cotton allows for an intense extraction while also ensuring that any excess grounds that might be over-extracted don’t clog your filter’s mesh screen.

The easy-open drawstring makes it simple to open and close without any hassle.

One cool thing about these cold brew filters is that they can be used with the Toddy cold brew system.

These reusable cold brew filters will allow you to benefit from all of the great features that a Toddy cold brew system has to offer.

5. Geesta Ultra-Fine Cold Brew Filter

geesta cold brew filters
  • Capacity: 2 Quarts
  • Color: Silver
  • Coffee Maker Type: Coffee Infuser
  • Dimensions: 3.6″D x 9.5″W x 3.6″H
  • Material: Stainless Steel, Glass

This ultra-fine mesh filter from Geesta is highly effective in ensuring that no excess coffee grounds are present in your brew.

The mesh filter is made out of stainless steel, making it incredibly durable and easy to clean!

It’s ideal for giving you a clean cup of coffee with extremely little sludge or undesirable particles.

Geesta also boasts that their cold brew filter has double the surface area compared to other regular mesh filters!

This means that you can get a stronger brew without having to worry about any residue or bitter flavors coming through.

The fact that the cold brew filters are made from durable material, you can be sure that they can last for a long time.

How to Use Your Cold Brew Filters

With so many options for cold brew filters out there, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

I’ve found that most users tend to prefer the mesh filters over the mesh because they don’t really require much effort on your part.

Cold-brew filters are designed with a good flow so you can still get an even extraction no matter what material the filter is made out of.

If you’re looking for a filter that allows you to wiz through your coffee grounds, then mesh is probably the right choice for you.

On the other hand, if you want to make sure that all of your grounds are extracted as well as possible, then a solid filter might be more appropriate.

The great thing about using cold brew filters is that they have no flavor or aroma of their own.

This means that they can be used with practically anything without any changes or extra steps needed on your part.

However, you should still take extra care in washing your filters if you want to keep them in good shape.

However, if you prefer going for disposable cold brew filters, make sure to use the ones that are eco-friendly so you can use them as compost later on.

If you’re looking for a cold brew filter that is about as basic as it gets, then I’d recommend going with the Paper Cold Brew Coffee Filter from Toddy.

The paper filters use a one-step process and they don’t require any additional tools or equipment. It’s not as strong as other cold brew filters out there, but it’ll still deliver good results for most people.

Another cold brew filter that I recommend is the one that comes with the OXO Good Grips cold brew coffee brewer.

This reusable filter bag makes it easy to get a strong and tasty cup of coffee without having to worry about getting any extra flavor or sediment in your last cup.

Lastly, there is the stainless steel filter from the Geesta cold brew kit. As a reusable filter, it’s easy to use and clean as long as you have a bit of patience.

It’s also extremely durable so you can use it for a long time if you take good care of it.

Things to Keep in Mind About Cold Brew Filters

1. Cold Brew Filters Need to be Changed Often

Cold brew filters often need to be changed at least once per use. However, the recommended time varies depending on your experience.

If you’re using a reusable cold brew filter, place them in your compost bin immediately after you’re done with them.

These filters are disposable since they aren’t machine washable, so make sure to keep them separate from any other items in your kitchen.

You can also use filters inside of your mason jar cold brew kit if you’d like. The mesh filters that are included with most cold brew kits are good for up to 24oz.

2. Filters Need to be Cleaned

As with most things, if you don’t clean your cold brew filters properly, they’ll eventually wear out.

The mesh filters need to be placed in your compost bin immediately after use. The mesh can be reused by soaking it in boiling hot water for around 20 minutes or so.

If you’re using the reusable filters that come with most cold brew kits, simply wash them by hand and place them in the same compost bin as the ones that are disposable.

Final Thoughts on Cold Brew Filters

Cold brew filters are just one of the many pieces of equipment that you can use when making cold brews at home.

Finding the right ones for your brewing needs can be tricky, but this article should help you narrow down your search.

So, get your cold brew filters and set out to make some brew! I hope that you’ve found the perfect cold brew filter for your needs!

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