Coffee Bar Table Buying Guide | Get The Best Add-On For Your Kitchen

coffee bar table

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If you’ve landed on this post, chances are you’re looking to jazz up your living room with a new coffee bar table.

So let’s talk about the ins and outs of it, shall we? Whether you’re a new or an old coffee lover, this guide will help you make the perfect choice.

A coffee bar table can really make your life easier and add up a touch of class to your interior. So let’s get started!

A coffee bar table is a sturdy, built-for-longevity item that is made for one thing, to entertain.

However, the process of choosing the right one may be a little more challenging than you think.

Before you go on impulse and buy the first coffee table you lay eyes on, it’s best to take a few minutes and read this Coffee Bar Table Buying Guide to get an idea of what each type of coffee table is all about.

This guide will help you find your ideal coffee table for your needs and budget, so there won’t be any regrets next time you’re in the back garden looking for that perfect addition to your kitchen or living room.

What Is A Coffee Bar Table?

This is a table that is dedicated to coffee lovers. It’s not quite like any living room furniture.

It has a specific purpose: to serve and entertain coffee and other beverages, and possibly some snacks for your guests (or yourself).

A typical coffee bar table has 2-6 drawers or shelves, where you can store your china cups and stuff like sugar, tea bags etc.

The tabletop is usually spacious enough to accommodate a regular coffee maker and some other coffee accessories.

The coffee bar table can go indoors or outdoors.

In case the weather is not cooperative, the table can be protected from rain and sun by a canopy or a small sheet.

Comfortable seating for your guests is another must-have feature.

What To Look For In a Coffee Bar Table?

A coffee bar table can be easily found in any modern furniture store.

However, it’s always good to know what you want before you start looking for it.

Let’s take a look at some important points to consider when you go shopping for one of these tables.

Extendable or Foldable Legs

Coffee bar tables are usually shipped in a flat box.

They need to be assembled before you can start using them.

So the first thing to check is whether the legs are extendable or foldable.

This is especially important if your budget isn’t very generous and fitting the table into a tight space is a priority for you.


If you want a coffee table with a lot of storage space, look for one with wheels on it, so that the drawers can move around easily if needed.

Alternatively, you could look at models with cubby holes on top; this would make it easier for you to store things like napkins and cutlery at hand whenever needed your guests may or may not require them.

If you want a coffee table with a lot of storage space, look for one with wheels on it, so that the drawers can move around easily if needed.

Alternatively, you could look at models with cubby holes on top; this would make it easier for you to store things like napkins and cutlery at hand whenever needed your guests may or may not require them.

Tabletop Space

The tabletop surface of the table is the most important feature when you think about using it for coffee making.

How big it is and how much space do you really need? Will your coffee maker fit on it? Will there be enough space for cups and saucers?

This is one of the most important questions that you should ask yourself before you go looking at coffee bar tables.

Top Material

Solid wood is the most common material used to make coffee tables.

The main reason for this choice is its durability and resistance to water spills if you drop your cup on it.

As it’s made from softwood, you should look for models made with hardwood or acrylic.

Top Color

Due to their multipurpose nature, you can expect coffee bar tables to be available in a wide range of colors.

You can get one that more or less matches your living room decor or one that complements the color of the walls in your garden.

However, keep in mind that the tabletop material may restrict your color choices somewhat.

Storage Space

A coffee bar table is meant to help save space in your living room.

So you have to look at its storage options before you buy.

However, even if it’s not meant to be used for storing things, the additional space can come in handy when you’re entertaining guests, especially if they are bringing their kids with them.

Material of Storage Compartments

The storage compartments on a coffee bar table are usually filled with mugs and cups.

So it’s a good idea to look for models that have storage compartments made from the same material as the tabletop surface.

You can also look for models with drawers or cubby holes, which would make it easier for you to transport the things you store in them elsewhere.

Top Tips For Using Coffee Bar Tables

When you think of a coffee bar table, you probably envisage them being used to display your coffee brewer and arrange some stuff related to your coffee routine, such as coffee bags, coffee mugs etc…

However, you can use them in other ways too.

Here are some of our top tips for using these tables:

👉 The coffee bar table can act as a makeshift desk. This is especially true if your desk lacks storage space or if you’re looking to free up some valuable floor space by moving your desk away from the wall.

👉 The table can also be used to keep your laptop while you watch TV or meet with friends.

👉 The tabletop surface can be used as a space to sort electronic devices such as chargers and cables. So you can store your loose cords and other items on this surface as you wait for the device to charge up.

👉 The table also comes in handy when you need to store large amounts of files.It’s also possible to use it as a buffet table if the top surface is big enough.

👉 You can use it to display sweets and candies that will complement the coffee and tea that you intend to serve up at home or at your home office party.

Advantages of Coffee Bar Tables

They have a multifunctional nature as they can be used as a table for snacks and drinks, as well as for coffee or tea stations at home or office parties. You can even use them to display your favorite cakes, cupcakes or sweets.

You can use a coffee bar table as well as a small drop-off desk, by adding an external power outlet, if needed.

These tables come in different styles and designs, so you can choose a table or coffee bar table that matches your sense of style and has a look to fit in with the rest of the decor in your home.

They are relatively lightweight in nature and easy to move, thereby allowing you to easily rearrange their position or when cleaning.

They are made of different types of materials including glass, metal, wood, acrylic or marble using high-quality paints that are resistant to scratches and water stains.

As these tables are made from durable materials, you expect them to last for a long time and offer great value for money.

Most of these tables feature a storage space where you can keep your coffee cups and mugs and other utensils that you may need.

Most of these tables are affordable, giving you the opportunity to choose one that is both functional and looks great in your home with ease.

The Best Coffee Bar Table | Top 3 Picks

Below is a list of quick reviews for 3 of my favorite coffee bar tables currently available for sale on Amazon, which I highly recommend.

1. Mr IRONSTONE Coffee Station

This coffee bar table is made of high-quality materials like wood and metal which gives you the best value for the money.

One thing I love about this coffee bar table is that it comes with a “utility shelf” that allows you to store your coffee cups and mugs as well as other kitchen utensils.

The good thing about this shelf is that it is very sturdy too. The legs are made from metal, which makes the table very stable, especially when placed on a wooden floor.

Another great thing about this coffee bar table is that it is relatively lightweight and easy to move, so it’s a breeze to clean or move around if you need to do so for any reason.

It also features a “drip-tray” which you can use for washing your coffee mugs or plates, whenever necessary.

Some Cool Features:

  • 6 Adjustable Feet
  • 10 Hanging Hooks
  • Adjustable Shelves To Keep Your Coffee Cups
  • Drip Tray For Cleaning And Washing Dishes And Mugs
  • Made of solid wood and metal for a classy look

👉 Check Price On Amazon Here

best coffee bar table - Mr Ironstone

2. Vasagle Alinru Coffee Bar Table

This coffee bar table is made of solid wood and metal, so it’s pretty sturdy.

The good thing about this coffee bar table is that it also features a utility shelf that allows you to store the utensils of your choice.

It also includes a “cup wall”, which allows you to easily arrange your cups in order of size, creating an organized surface.

The rusty brown color of this coffee bar table looks very classy and elegant.

Some Cool Features:

  • Durable Metal Legs That Offer The Best Stability
  • Sleek And Solid Wood Wood Legs And Top Panel To Give Your Home a Chic, Elegant Look
  • The Table Has a Beautiful Finish Which Makes It Very Sturdy and Durable for Daily Use.It Will Look Great in Any Living Room or Dining Area.Give your home a chic, elegant look with the Vasagle Coffee Table.

👉 Check Price On Amazon Here

coffee bar table

3. Walker Edison

This one has to be the best one if you’re looking for a farmhouse style coffee bar table.

This coffee bar table features 3 tiers and is made of thickened laminated wood, which makes it quite durable and long-lasting.

The good thing about this coffee bar table is that it looks so classy and elegant with its white paint and glossy finish.

What I love is that it’s available in 3 amazingly beautiful colors; matte black, grey wash and rustik oak.

Some Cool Features:

  • Multi-Function
  • Sturdy Design For Long-Lasting Durability
  • Its Creates A Sleek, Chic Look That Fits Perfectly With The Interiors of Your Home.
  • White Glass Coffee Table with Metal Frame for durability

👉 Check Price On Amazon Here

coffee bar table

Why Should You Get Your Own Coffee Bar Table?

A coffee bar table is a great investment for your home decor and has the ability to completely change the way you decorate your kitchen.

With a few simple tricks, you can get a coffee bar table that will suit all your needs.

Being a coffee lover myself, I have been using a coffee bar table for a very long time now.

I can easily say that it’s one of the best investments you can make to transform your kitchen from bland and boring to chic and modern.

Let’s make a recap on the joys of having your own coffee bar table:

A coffee bar table will improve the way you spend your time at home as it provides a practical and hygienic place where you can put your coffee stuff or even your drinks and snacks instead of having them all around the house or on top of the kitchen counter.

Getting a coffee bar table will also help keep your floor safe from spills, as well as from stains from those drinks.

A coffee bar table is a great addition to the overall setting of the kitchen as it brings together beauty and functionality in one piece, allowing you to save money from buying different furniture items.

Coffee bar tables are pretty easy to maintain, especially if they are made from high-quality materials like wood and metal. With just a few actions, you can keep your coffee bar table in great shape.

If you’re looking for a coffee storage space in your home, then coffee bar tables are the perfect choice for you.

Many of them feature storage spaces where you can keep your cups and mugs or even kitchen utensils like spoons, forks and knives.

Final Thoughts On Choosing A Coffee Bar Table

A coffee bar table is a great investment for your home decor.

An excellent way to get this kind of table is to buy it on Amazon, as it is one of the most reliable sites to get your furniture at.

You can enjoy spending time with family and friends having their favorite cup of joe by filling up their cups while enjoying them with coziness and comfort.

One important thing you should keep in mind about making an investment in any furniture item for your home is that it should be durable, sturdy and long-lasting.

Good luck purchasing your next coffee bar table!

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