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The Bodum vs Chemex battle is sure to be one of the most intense coffee wars since the initial battle between Maxwell House and Folgers.

From siphoned to french press, each has its own unique enjoyment.

The process can be as easy as using a Chemex or as complicated as using the pour-over method.

There are various methods to brew coffee such as siphon, french press, traditional drip and more!

Here we explore two of these methods- the Bodum vs Chemex.

I hope you find it helpful in deciding which system suits your needs best!

The idea of brewing coffee is nothing new nowadays with so many different ways to do it.

Depending on what you like to drink (e.g. espresso, french press, regular brewed coffee, etc.) there are different ways to brew them whether it be a traditional coffee maker or a pour-over.

In order to get the best tasting coffee possible, making sure you have the right equipment is essential.

Pouring over coffee has been done for years and for good reason.

It’s a simple process that yields a delicious cup of java!

What Is The Chemex?

The Chemex coffeemaker is a beautiful thing consisting of a glass flask and an hourglass shape wood collar.

The water is heated in a separate vessel and then drips through a funnel into the collar.

The coffee grounds tend to fall through the filter as well as the water.

The result is a coffee which looks great and tastes amazing! I’ve been using one for many years now and enjoy the simplicity of it.

It’s also relatively inexpensive since it can be purchased for about $25 USD.

What Is The Bodum?

The Bodum French Press is a little different than the Chemex.

It consists of a glass carafe and an attached metal filter.

The lid screws on and off easily and has a metal mesh filter inside it which sits on top of the coffee grounds.

The hot water sits inside the carafe and is slowly pushed down (thus pushing the grounds to the bottom).

The French Press is arguably one of the oldest brewing methods to be invented.

Many coffee connoisseurs enjoy it for its simplicity, ease of use, and the fact that the coffee doesn’t end up soaked in paper after being brewed.

Bodum vs Chemex | A Quick Overview

Here’s a brief overview of how both systems work.


The Chemex Coffeemaker has a filter and a collar made out of wood.

The filter is inserted into the top of the coffeemaker and the coffee grounds are poured in.

It’s recommended to use between 3-5 tablespoons of coffee grounds per 2 cups of water.

You can adjust this depending on how strong or light you want your brew to be.

Then, the Chemex is placed onto a heat source with a funnel attached to it where hot water is poured through it.

This is used to warm the cup and melt the grounds.

The coffee is then strained through the filter and placed into a cup.


The Bodum French Press holds hot water which is released slowly through the filter as coffee is brewed.

It’s recommended to use between 3-5 tablespoons of coffee per 2 cups of water.

You can adjust this depending on how strong or light you want your brew to be.

Both methods can be used to make a variety of coffee types ranging from bold and full-bodied espresso to a lighter, less bitter coffee.

There are also many ways to brew your coffee depending on personal preference:

  • You could decide not to use a filter for the Chemex method and instead directly brew the Chemex with hot water without pouring it through a funnel.

Bodum vs Chemex – The Main Differences

The Price

At first, it seems like the Bodum French Press is more expensive than the Chemex.

But it’s the opposite.

The Bodum French Press is available for $20 to $30 USD depending on where you get it from.

This price also includes a coffee scoop and a permanent metal filter.

You can also purchase a replacement lid for the French Press so that if the glass breaks you have a backup!

The Chemex is significantly more expensive, sometimes more expensive than the Bodum French Press itself and comes in a range of $45 – $60.

The Filter

The Bodum French Press comes with the reusable filter option which allows you to continually use the same coffee grinds multiple times until they are no longer usable.

On the other hand, the Chemex comes with its dedicated Chemex filter complete with fineness calibration marks.

The filter is thin but allows the coffee to flow through it easily.


The Bodum offers 3 different cup sizes (3, 4 and 9) whereas the chemex comes with a 5 cup sizes (1, 3, 6, 8 and 10).

Therefore, the maximum capacity of a Bodum would be around 34oz while a Chemex can brew a little much more, i.e, around 40oz.

The Handle

The Bodum French Press has a cork handle whereas the Chemex has a wooden handle.

It’s a matter of preference which you would choose.

I personally like the cork handle which allows me to get a better grip of it when I’m pouring hot coffee into another vessel. It’s also nice looking and is very flexible

The Coffee Quality

I have used both the Bodum and the Chemex to see which coffee would taste better.

The Bodum was quick, easy to use and had a great taste while the Chemex had a very rich coffee flavor while being more concentrated in its cup.

The Chemex also required me to make sure the water temperature was right in order to get the best results.

Brewing Time

Both methods can take up to 15 minutes to brew the whole 8-cup coffee pot.

So, if you’re the type of person who likes to brew it while they’re waiting for something else you’ll need to plan ahead.


The Chemex is extremely easy to clean! Simply pop off the filter and rinse with water and vinegar.

The outside of the filter can also be cleaned by rinsing it with water.

The Bodum needs to be cleaned immediately after use.

This can be done by running hot water through the coffee grounds which are left in the bottom of the carafe after pouring out your coffee.

If you don’t do this, leftover coffee will harden onto the inside of the carafe, making it extremely difficult to remove.

If you’re still reading the Bodum vs Chemex debate, let’s now move on to the cons of each one.

Bodum French Press vs Chemex – The Cons

Coffee Quality

Both methods produce a great tasting cup of coffee, but, the Chemex brews the coffee more concentrated than the Bodum which makes it stronger and gives it a rich flavor.

This is why some people prefer using the Chemex method.

However, if you’re not sure which one to use then go with the Bodum because it’s probably better for beginners who are new to coffee.


I mentioned earlier how easy it is to clean the Chemex, but this is only true if you do it immediately after use.

If you leave your coffee sitting for too long then it will harden onto the filter and makes cleaning extremely difficult.

It’s also difficult to clean the carafe because there are no removable parts which can be cleaned separately.

The glass is also very fragile so great care should be taken to ensure it doesn’t break while cleaning.


The Bodum French Press holds up to 3 different size cups, whereas the Chemex can hold 5 cups of coffee.

This might not seem like much of a difference, but having the extra 2 cup allowance means you can make more coffee at once, especially when you have friends or family who happen to love their cup of joe and don’t like waiting.


Both the Bodum and the Chemex are made of glass which is extremely fragile.

This makes it susceptible to breaking during cleaning or if it falls over.

It’s also easy to break accidentally because both items are very delicate.

A small drop can cause cracks on the glass which will lead to it becoming dangerous to use.

Cost of Filter

Chemex filters are quite expensive since they are not made of regular filter paper but rather made of lab-grade paper, which is more expensive and takes a lot more time to make.

Brewing Time

Both methods require a longer brewing time of 15 mins for the whole pot.

So, it’s pretty much time-consuming compared to an automatic drip machine, which can give you your morning coffee in around 5 mins.

Bodum vs Chemex – Which One Should You Buy

This is a debate that once you get started, you’ll find yourself in a never-ending cycle.

No matter if you side with one or the other, you’ll still have a lot of occasions to try out the other method in your future.

Therefore, in conclusion, if you’re a beginner and want to try your hand at coffee brewing then the Bodum French press is ideal for you because it’s quick and easy to use while still providing great taste.

If you want a more rich flavor with a little more of a kick, then the Chemex is the go-to method for you.

Final Thoughts on Bodum vs Chemex

I hope this Bodum vs Chemex debate helped you decide which method would suit your needs better.

It’s so simple to use, it’s quick and easy to clean, and you can now continue your coffee-making journey with a product you know works well now.

I really hope that this has been helpful!

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