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If you’re not a fan of strong, black espresso, or you want something a little lighter, more flavorful, but not too sweet, then blonde espresso could be just the thing you need to try.

Blonde espresso is becoming a bit more famous in the coffee world since Starbucks added it to its menu a decade ago.

In this article, you will find out everything you need to know about making a perfect cup of blonde espresso.

And in addition, I will also be going through every step of the process in detail so that nothing is left out.

What is a Blonde Espresso?

Blond espresso is a slightly different form of the original espresso.

To the trained eye, these differences are enough to differentiate it from the classic one.

Blonde espresso differs from the classic one in that it doesn’t have an almost dark brown color.

If you are wondering then, what blonde coffee looks like, let me compare it to other things.

Blonde espresso has a lighter brown coloration with hints of caramel complemented by a creamy texture.

If you are having problems making sense of what it looks like, then let me break it down further for you.

The best way to describe blonde espresso is by using brown sugar.

If you mix brown sugar with water, then this will give you an idea of the color that your blonde espresso is supposed to turn out to be.

A similar thing happens when you store caramel sauce in the refrigerator.

It turns out to be a golden-brown color which is almost identical to what blonde espresso is supposed to become.

Blonde Espresso vs Regular Espresso | What are the Differences?


The main difference between a blonde espresso and a regular espresso is the roasting level. Blonde espresso beans are roasted for a shorter period and also at a lower temperature.

Blonde espresso is therefore a light roast with higher acidity and lighter body.

Caffeine Content

Since blonde espresso beans are roasted for a shorter period of time, they retain more of the caffeine content of the beans, making them stronger in caffeine compared to medium or dark roast.

The Taste

Blonde espresso, being a light roast coffee will definitely tend to produce a less bitter taste when compared with a medium or dark roast. Coffee lovers describe blonde espresso as more sweeter, more mellow and with a mild flavor.

Flavor Profile

Blonde espresso is known to be sweeter, lighter and less bitter than a medium roast. You will notice the taste of a blonde espresso to be sweeter, fruitier and less acidic compared to a dark roast.


The acidity in blonde espresso beans are much higher than regular espresso beans


The body of a blonde espresso is more lightweight, less full and with a more mild profile than a dark roast coffee. The lighter body means that the coffee will taste sweeter, fruitier and more mellow in taste.

Does Blonde Espresso Have More Caffeine?

Depending on the type of coffee used (Arabica or Robusta), blonde espresso contains between 85mg per shot while a classic espresso contains around 75g of caffeine. This is due to the shorter roasting time which leaves most of the caffeine content in the beans.

How to Make a Blonde Espresso at Home

Preparing the best blonde espresso is something that may sound difficult to you but it’s not as difficult as you think.

So if you want to learn how to make blonde espresso at home, let’s go!

  • Choose quality beans because this is something that you’re going to use every day. If your beans don’t last long at all, then you’re not going to feel good about it.
  • Grind your beans with enough pressure to achieve a fine grind. This can help you achieve the right texture and flavor for your drink!
  • Don’t use too much coffee – This goes for both blonde and dark roast coffee (if you like it black, but if you use too much coffee, the result will be bitter and dark espresso).
  • Pour slowly – As mentioned in step 3, the ideal temperature for making blonde espresso is between 195°F and 205°F; this will make sure that the solution has all the right properties to become the perfect espresso! If you pour quickly, you’ll get a bitter and dark result. Just pour slowly to get the perfect taste, but you should keep your eye on it so it doesn’t overflow.
  • Pour your blonde espresso into a cup and enjoy.

Final Thoughts on Blonde Espresso

Getting your perfect blonde espresso can be challenging but if you follow the tips provided in this article, it’s easier than you think.

The best part about making your own coffee at home is that there are no limits!

You can make espresso for up to five people which means that there is no need to go out for coffee; you can make it all by yourself instead!

I hope that wherever you go from here, brewing delicious lattes and espressos will be easy.

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