Best Coffee for French Press (The Top 7 Brands)

best coffee for french press

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Choosing the best coffee for french press is an art.

But before choosing the best coffee for french press, you must consider variables like technique, brewing time, and even personal preference.

Many people might assume that French Press is the only way to make coffee with a drip brewer.

While this may be true it is important to use beans of high quality because of the higher ratio of water versus grounds in the pot allowing for stronger brews.

In this article, I will recommend the 7 brands of coffee that will make fantastic cups of joe in your french press.

What Makes A Good French Press Coffee?

There are two main variables to look for in French Press coffee.

The first is the size of the grind. Simply put, the grounds should be about the size of salt in order to get an optimal flavor extraction in your press pot.

If you use too large a grind you will lose much of your flavor due to water pushing through too quickly.

The second variable that affects french press flavor is the ratio of coffee to water in the brew.

If you use too much coffee the result will be a bitter, unpleasant drink.

If you use too little, you’ll miss out on all of your sweet notes and aromas.

Other Things To Consider To Get The Best French Press Coffee

  1. Technique

While choosing the best coffee for french press is important it is equally important to choose the proper technique.

The reason for this is that you can find beans of almost any roast level, medium, dark, light roast and everything in between.

If you want the best coffee for french press it is important to choose beans that are roasted with fine enough consistency to account for your personal taste preferences.

  1. Brewing Time

Once you have chosen your grounds, French Press coffee requires time to brew.

The key is to take this time to do it right.

The brewing time will vary greatly depending on the coffee grounds and the amount of water used, but the optimal brewing time for french press coffee is 4-6 minutes.

This can vary greatly based on personal preferences, your personal French Press brewer and other factors that may change the results of your taste test (such as altitude, humidity levels).

Some Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Coffee for French Press

Espresso Beans

While there are many different types of coffee beans it is important to be sure to use a good quality bean when making your French Press coffee, which will only enhance your result.

In order to choose the best coffee for french press you need to find a variety of bean flavors and their roasted level in order to create an assortment from which you can pick from at will.

Whole Bean or Ground

French Press brewed coffee is different than other forms of coffee in that it is “grinds in the cup” instead of “Grounds in the Cup”.

This means that it is important to either purchase whole beans or grind your own beans just before brewing.

The French Press

The style of French Press that you use can greatly affect your results. While glass presses are more visually appealing, they are not always best for taste.

This is because the glass can trap moisture and that will affect the taste of your coffee.

It is also not as easy to clean as a metal press, which can affect your taste as well.

Water Temperature

Over the years French Press coffee has gained popularity around the world.

And because of this, there are many different brands out there for you to choose from.

In order to get the most out of your French Press coffee remember to use a thermometer in the water you use for brewing.

Leaving it in hot enough to extract flavor from your coffee’s bean rather than steaming it in the process.

Personal Brewing Preferences

When using a French Press in your kitchen you can choose from a variety of pot styles and size.

There are “tall” press pots that have just enough room for 8 ounces of coffee which is perfect for drip brewers.

There are also “short” french presses that have a bit more space, making it easy for you to add a few extra ounces into your brew.

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What Are The Top 7 Brands Of Coffee For French Press?

1. Kenya AA Nyeri Ichamara Coffee Beans (Best Overall)

The best coffee for french press for me personally is the Kenya AA Nyeri Ichamara Coffee Beans.

These are of the finest quality of coffee beans available and are roasted to perfection.

This is an All Arabica variety, which is one of the highest grade coffees available featuring a soft, mild taste with medium acidity.

The beans are a medium to dark roast with a winey look and a sweet and floral aroma.

This coffee is also Kosher certified, so it is perfect for those who are concerned with keeping kosher in their house.

They also smell amazing on the bag, which will be sure to awaken your senses on the first cup.

The Kenya AA Nyeri Ichamara Coffee is a wet process and is sun-dried to keep both the flavor and freshness of the beans intact during this process.

This allows for a higher quality of beans and a stronger, more flavorful cup of coffee.

What I Love About The Kenya AA Nyeri Ichamara

The smoothness of the coffee really stands out for me.

It is a medium roast with a soft, mellow flavor that offers a rich body and a wonderfully creamy taste.

The aroma of the coffee is sweet and floral, but not overpowering.

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2. Stone Street Cold Brew Coffee

Forget about the “Cold Brew”!

This ground dark roast coffee from Stone Street makes the perfect French Press coffee whether you prefer it hot or cold!

The Stone Street Cold Brew Coffee is meant to be brewed several hours prior to drinking it for the best flavor, but of course that is up to your preference.

The grounds are coarse for a stronger flavor extraction, which means that you will get the most out of your beans.

The rich dark roast adds a ton of flavor to this coffee, which is perfect if you are one who likes their coffee black.

The Stone Street Cold Brew Coffee is hand-roasted in small batches, which allows for a better taste overall.

Their beans are identified as “supremo” and this means you’ll get the largest and premium quality beans from Colombia.

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3. Coffee Bean Direct Dark Guatemalan

Man, this one was exceptional!!!

They come in whole beans and are delicious.

Be sure to buy them whole if you are using a French Press because the grinding will draw out all of the flavor!

They are also very reasonably priced compared to other whole bean brands that I have used.

The aroma is just wonderful, and they tasted incredible when brewed in my french press.

4. Coffee Bean Direct French Roast Beans

The beans were fresh and had just the right amount of plumpness to them, not too small and not too big.

The aroma was rich, dark and almost chocolate-y.

The beans were medium to dark roast with a deep black color.

Also the flavor was amazingly smooth and had a wonderful smell with hints of cinnamon, cocoa and some more.

Coffee Bean Direct French Roast Beans are made from 100% fine Arabica coffee beans that are grown on family-owned farms in Central America.

Coffee bean direct is the leader in fresh roasted whole bean coffee for your french press or drip coffee maker.

Coffee bean direct offers several different roasts and blends of coffee beans and has served thousands of customers for over 10 years.

I’ve tried all the different coffees and french press coffee, and and I might easily give them a 5-star rating.

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5. Peet’s Coffee, Organic French Roast

Peet’s Coffee, Organic Fair Trade French Roast is a very high quality coffee that is wet processed, which preserves the full-flavor of the coffee beans.

This is a dark roast with a strong and smoky flavor with hints of caramel.

I love Peet’s Coffee for my cold brew but one day I tried grind some beans for my French Press and was very pleased with the taste.

This is a very good coffee for french press, it has a strong, rich, full-bodied flavor.

I would recommend it as the best coffee for french press.

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6. Lifeboost Coffee

Although my sister didn’t really love the taste of Lifeboost, I find it super good for a french press, one of the best in fact.

It is a medium roast with a rich flavor and a strong aroma that really awaken my senses in the morning.

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What strikes me in Lifeboost Coffee is the quality and the taste and it’s truly a coffee that can be enjoyed with just about anything.

This is a bold and rich coffee that will leave you with a mild, sweet aftertaste that you will crave for more.

7. Organic Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Medium Roast

Last but least , the Organic Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Medium Roast.

This one is my new favorite coffee beans for french press.

The beans are full of flavors that are very chocolate-y with a caramel taste to it. It’s bold, rich and full-bodied with a refreshing aftertaste that will leave you wanting more.

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This coffee is good for all-day drinking.

As a tea lover as well, my heart skipped a beat when my tastebuds captured the sweet lemon tea finish.

This is a very low acid coffee and you can really taste it when brewed in a french press.

So, if you’re like me and prefer a little bit of a stronger taste, then this coffee is also the best for you.

The french press method really brings out all the flavors in each sip.

With a variety of beans and a wide range of flavors to choose from, French Press Coffee has revolutionized the way we drink coffee in this day and age.

There is no need to look any further than these 7 premium coffee beans for your French Press. No I’m kidding!!!

I’m only recommending. You’re free to choose the best coffee for french press elsewhere because coffee tasting is also about personal preferences.

Go and choose the one you love and be happy!

Final Thoughts On The Best Coffee for French Press

If you were having a hard time choosing the best coffee for your French press because you’re a newbie, I really hope this article will help you out.

Remember that for French press, it’s very important to weigh the beans instead of using a scoop.

This will avoid over-packing your French press.

Over-packing is never good for brewing coffee in any coffee maker, be it French press, drip coffee maker, Chemex or even an espresso machine.

Also, instead of grinding your coffee beans right before you brew, I recommend that you grind them at least 12 hours (or more) before brewing.

This will allow the coffee beans to degas and release their aromatic oils which are best enjoyed when coffee is freshly brewed.

I prefer grinding my beans using a simple manual coffee grinder with flat burrs.

You can also grind your beans using a coffee mill, although it’s not as fast as ground beans.

If you don’t have time to do it manually, I recommend you buy your coffee pre-ground from Amazon or Starbucks or any other premium brands that are sold pre-ground.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Best Coffee For French Press

1. What is the best coffee for French press?

This question can be answered in so many ways depending on the person and their personal preferences.

However, in my opinion, the best coffee for French press is medium roasted with a bold flavor and smooth taste.

2. What is the best coffee for french press?

French presses are primarily intended for brewing full flavored coffee.

To answer this question, you may want to know what is the best coffee for french press.

Although french presses can technically brew cheap or cheap but bold tasting coffee beans, using cheap beans in your French press will only give you more disappointment than anything else.

3. Can I use pre-ground coffee in my French press?

Yes, you can. The trick is to find the right grind size for your French press.

If you want a coarse grind, then I recommend going with a medium or fine grind.

If you go for a coarser grind, the coffee will not be filtered properly and will be bitter tasting.

4. Why do some people grind their coffee beans for french press?

Grinding your beans for your French press is an art form.

It allows you to control the texture of your grind and how it will affect the flavor of your coffee.

More importantly, it allows you to experiment with different coarseness levels and determine which one gives you the best taste for French press.

5. What is the best grind for French press?

You need a coarse grind. If you use a fine grind, it’s going to be very bitter and will take an extra amount of time to filter properly.

The bigger the size of the particles, the bigger the amount of flavor it will provide.

6. What is better: drip or pour over coffee?

Drip and French press brewing processes are similar in preparation and taste.

The main difference is that the French press process allows you to control the amount of water that is used in brewing your coffee.

This gives you the ability to make a bold coffee with a lot of flavor for your French press.

7. What coffee beans are best for French press?

Light roast and medium roast are recommended for French press brewing.

Dark roast can be used but it can sometimes be bitter tasting unless properly brewed.

8. What are the best coffee beans for French press?

You need to choose your French press coffee beans according to your preferences, of course.

If you are looking for flavor and boldness, then Arabica beans are best suited for you.

On the other hand, if you want a richer taste that is more on the bitter side, then Robusta is your best bet.

9. What’s the best grind for french press?

The ideal grind size is medium-coarse or coarse.

If you use a finer grind, it will take more time to filter.

On the contrary, if you grind your beans too fine, the coffee won’t be properly filtered and it will be bitter tasting.

Take note that if you use pre-ground coffee, the manufacturer may have already done this step for you.

If not, grinding your coffee beans is very important especially for French press brewing.

Grinding your coffee beans is important for all styles of brewing method.

10. What’s the best grind for french press?

About the size of coarse sea salt, you’re looking for a coarse grind.

Any finer and you risk over-extraction and bitterness. Any coarser and you may have difficulty filtering.

11. What is the ideal size of french press coffee grind?

You should be looking for a medium-fine to fine grind.

If it’s any finer than this, it may take too long to filter properly because the particles are too small to filter easily.

12. What is the best type of French press?

Although the most popular French press styles are the conical, flat bottom and plunger-style, there are other types available as well.

The siphon style stands out among them. If you’re looking for efficiency, then the gravity control style is for you.

13. What is the best size of grind for french press?

Using a medium-coarse to coarse grind will allow you to brew the perfect cup of coffee every time.

If you use a finer grind, it will take longer to filter.

14. How do I brew the right French press coffee?

There are several factors that affect your coffee brewing experience.

The most important ones are the altitude and the brewing time.

The coarse grind of your coffee beans can also affect your brewing process.

15. How do you grind coffee beans for french press?

Remember that the French press grind size should be medium-coarse to coarse.

If it’s too fine, it may take a longer time to filter properly. If it’s too coarse, you risk over-extraction of flavor and bitterness.

Also note that if you use pre-ground coffee, the manufacturer may have already ground the beans for you.

16. What’s the best type of coffee to use for French press?

The best type of coffee for French press is medium roasted with a strong flavor and smooth taste.

This means that it should not be burnt or bitter. Remember that French press brewing is primarily intended for full-flavored coffee.

17. Is french press coffee better than drip?

French press brewing is much better than drip because it gives you greater control over the extraction process.

You can control the strength of the coffee, its flavor and aroma.

18. Does French press coffee give you better taste than drip?

French press is very different than drip because it gives you more control over the extraction process.

You can control the strength of the coffee, its flavor and aroma.

However, in most cases it has a stronger taste than drip brewing method.

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